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Where Are They Now?
NameCirca 1940's,/50's/60'sAlong the wayto 1999
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Wilf RayCKMO ('44-)CKNW/CJOR/CJJRRayteam Realty/CKBD The Bridge
Jack CullenCKMO ('46-)CKNWCKNW (50 YRS +)
Philip Barter²CJAV (Pt Alberni '48-'53)/ CKDA ('53-'56)/CHEK ('56-'61)/ CHAN ('61-)CKDA/CKNW/CBCPR career/retired
Monty McFarlaneCBC (Winnipeg - announcer)/ CKMO('49-'50/CJOR/ CHAN-TV/CBC-TV/C-FUN/CKLGHonolulu station/CISL/Magic 104retired in West Vancouver
Norm PringleCKMO ('50-'58)/CKDAWarner Bros. (20 yrs)Retired with Homepage (includes Elvis Vancouver press conference)
Alan Newberry*CKDA ('50-'58)/CJVI ('58)CKDA (open line '70)/CJDC (Dawson Creek '78)semi-retired/education consultant
Ted SoskinCKNW??
Joe Chesney?CJJC?
Vic WatersCJJC (49-)CKNW?
Red Robinson³(Portland station)/ CJOR/CKWX (Feb/61-)/C-FUNCKLG/CKWX ('74-)/CKNW?/author/advertisingmanagement/CISL/KVOS-TV
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Al JordanC-FUNannouncingretired?
Brian "Frosty" ForstCJOR/C-FUNCKNWCKNW
Jerry LandaC-FUN/CKLG??
Brian LordC-FUNCJJCnews announcer/Japanese radio
Andy LaughlandCKWX (to Nov/60)/C-FUN??
Buddy Clyde HattonDance Party host/CKWXKSFO (Frisco)travelogue films
Cal GeorgeCKWX?Penticton (?), BC
Barrie ClarkCKWX (to Sep/60 - Sep/61 Open Line-) CKNWCKOV (Kelowna, BC)
Norris McLeanCKWX (to Nov/60)??
Nick SandsCKWX?VP TV Weekly
Norm GrohmannCKWXCKNWBCTV (weather)
Keith RichCKWX (Nov/60-)??
Steve WoodmanCKWX (Nov/60-Sep/61)?d. 1986?
Ron RobinsonCKWX (Feb '61)/CKWX (Sep/61-)CJVI/CFMS/CKDACKXM Country (Victoria)
Del Erickson+Actor/CKWX (Nov/60-)Singer (+see note below)?
Ray WillesCKWX (Nov/60-Jan/61)??
Cameron BellC-FUNCHAN-TV/producerBCTV
Tom PeacockC-FUN/Dance Party host ('65-)/CKWX ('74)CKWX (Station Mgr.)Announcer BC Lions/Canucks
Peter AlpinC-FUN/CKWXCFVR (Station Mgr.)?
Neil SoperCKLG/CFUNCJOR/Exec VP Canada Wide Magazines and CommunicationsCanada Wide Magazines & Communications
John TannerC-FUN ('65-)Vancouver Planetarium?
J.B. ShayneCKLG??
Buzz LeBoeC-FUN (May/62-)??
Ronn "The Beard" GrimsterC-FUN ('63-)??
Bob Boving??CBC Toronto
Frank CallaghanCKLG ('62-)??
Russ SimpsonCKLG ('62-)??
Frank MaloneCKLG ('62-)??
J.B. ShayneCKLG (Chuck Steak)C-FUN (Captain Midnight)/CBCCoast Radio/?
Dave PalmerCKLG??
Paul ArthurCKLG??
Ken ChangCKLG??
Terry David MulliganCKLGActor/Much Music hostActor/MuchMoreMusic reports/Bravo!NewArts Channel/MovieTelevision/StarTV/All CHUMTV/CFOX/90 minute version Mulligans Stew CKUA
Roy HennessyCKLG??
Fred LatrimoulleCKLGC-FUN/ActorKISS-FM
Don RichardsCKLG (Mar 18/67-)??
Bob Allen?CKLG (Jun/70-)?
Ronald J. Morey?CKLG ('70-)?
Jim Hault?CKLG ('70-)?
Ched Miller?CKLG ('71-)?
Bob Morris?CKLG ('72-)?
Gary Russell?CKLG ('72-)?
Don Stevens?CKLG ('73-)?
Hal Weaver?CKVN('70-)?
Cal Coleman?CKVN ('71-)?
Sterling Faux?CKLG ('74-)Lotto Night in BC/CKNW
Dave Gordon?CKLG ('74-)?
Ed KarlC-FUN??
Cal NicolsonCJVI/C-FAXCKDA/CJVI/C-FAXLaidlaw Tour Bus Driver Victoria
Steve Grossman (Little Stevie Wonder)CKLGEMCI Video GamesCEO American Softworks Corp. (Video game marketing)
Daryl Burlingham (Daryl B)C-FUN (c1962)/CKLG (Mar 18/67-)??
Jim Fraser?CKWX ('74-)CJJR-FM (JR Country)
Elmer Tippe?CKWX ('75-89?)?/(son Rick Tippe)
Dave CashCJJC ('69-)CKWX ('76-)?
Rick JonassonCJJC ('69-)??
Dave Browne?CKWX ('76-)?
Bob Bye?CKWX ('77-)?
Ellie O'Day?CKWX/CHRX/CJOR/CFMI/CBC/CFOX/ CKLG/CKOK/CFMS-FM/CKDAExec Dir Pacific Music Industry Assoc./instructor/BC Film Board
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²Phil Barter
"I started at CJAV, Port Alberni in 1948 at the age of 14. (Jack Cullen also worked there that year.) Moved to CKDA Victoria in 1953, was the first person on the air on CHEK TV when we put it on the air Dec. 1, 1956. Moved to CHAN-TV, 1961 as general announcer/ interviewer/weatherman and later news director. Returned to Victoria in 1965, covering the legislature for CKDA, CKNW and CBC before leaving the business for a PR career. Now retired and living in Richmond, but hoping to move back to the Island." - Phil Barter
*Alan Newberry
CKDA - 8 years youth talent show ("Canada's youngest radio announcer") / Some open line sub hosting at CKDA (1970) / CJVI-DJ (1958) / Also as Country Bandstand host for 2 years at CJDC Dawson Creek (1978)
³Red Robinson
-credited with introducing Vancouver and Canada to Rock 'n' Roll music in the fifties
-has interviewed both Elvis (Vancouver, BC 1958) and The Beatles and many other top acts
-hosted The Beatles tour at Empire Stadium (Vancouver, BC) in 1964
-original host of CBC's "Let's Go" along with Fred Latremouille (Mon 5:30-6:00 p.m., 28 Sep 1964-21 Jun 1965; Mon-Fri 5:30-6:00 p.m., 2 Oct 1967-26 Jun 1968)
-Member of the B.C. Entertainment Hall of Fame - Starwalk at the Orpheum
-Member of the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame (Cleveland, Ohio) - broadcaster
-12" single interview record: "Beatle Talk...The Way They Were In '64" with Red Robinson. Great Northwest 4007
-Author of "Rockbound: Rock and Roll Encounters" Published by Big Country Books - Publication date: November 1983 - ISBN: 0888391625
-contributor to "The Greater Vancouver Book An Urban Encyclopedia" by Chuck Davis
-Member of the (unofficial) Rock Radio Hall of Fame (1997)
+Del Erickson
These liner notes by Buddy Clyde are from the following album:
"Presenting Del Erickson" Del Erickson Thunderbird Records TBLP - 1001
I've been asked to write a few glowing words about the young gentleman you're about to meet. When I'm sold on something I have a tendency to get a bit carried away. (Just ask any of my listeners). And Del Erickson is an artist that isn't very hard to get sold on.
Starting out as an actor in motion pictures, Del has appeared in "Blackboard Jungle". "Diary OF Anne Frank", "Hot Rod Girl" and "Blue Angel" just to name a few. Also ninety major T.V. productions. From motion pictures to recording Del has succeeded in having two "single" hits. Now he enjoys his new found career as a disc jockey in Vancouver, B.C., of course singing is still a major part of Del's active life.
This album has established a new plateau in his varied and exciting career. Right now I'm going to ask you to open a bottle of your favourite refreshment, relax and enjoy Del Erickson in person...(c1960's ? release date unknown)

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Here's what some of these DJs were playing 33 years ago.

VANCOUVER RADIO (circa 1960's)

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