Bill Roberts asks you to send a nostalgic picture for addition to this pageBill Roberts (ISL)
Rick 'Opie' McIvor Rick McIvor (ISL) (GWRRA, Chapter BC-A homepage)
Henry VanBroeck Henri Van Broeck (PCL)
Gene Peters Gene Peters (PCL)
Dave Palen Dave Palen (ISL) (homepage)
Dave Brown (BCT OTC)
Wes Smith (BCT BTC) --Note: Darcy Smith (BCT STC) c/o Wes Smith's e-mail--
Gary Haupt (BCT BTC) (de-activated)
Norm Pitcher (BCT OTC)
Leroy Trofeol (BCT OTC)
Larry Tardif (CBL)
Jim Johnson (BCT ___)
John Merryweather John Merryweather (Laidlaw/GLVan)
Don Roed (BCT STC) (Note: Don is son of Corky Roed - former PSL/Wellstone driver)
Brian Evans (BCT STC)
John Veinotte (BCT BTC)
Maurice Nadon (CBL/Airporter)
Bren McCullough (McCCL)
Brian Wylie Brian Wylie (CBL) or
Robert Landau (BCT OTC)
Alex Park (BCT PoCo)
Jay McGowan (ISL)
George Cameron (GLC) (Parking problems in Vancouver? Let George know. He'll take it to City Hall. P.S. Thanks, Master G!)
Bob Henderson (BCT STC)
Rick Stringer (PCL) (Rick & Francine operate the Beaver Creek Ranch at Metchosin, BC near Sooke, BC)
John Howe (West Van Transit) (John is co-ordinator for Highway 99 Watch)
Don Bain (BCT STC)
Derwyn Ross (GPCS)
Heinz Hammer (BCT PoCo) (Heinz is the author of "Routes...The Lighter Side Of Public Transit")
Doug Batten (BCT GTC) or
Martin Roberts (BCT OTC) (currently off-line)
Henri Bouwens (BCT BTC)
Scott Burley (NRTS) ICQ 43804398 ("The Last Stop" homepage)
Steve McNeil (BCT GTC) (formerly BCT OTC)
Peter Haima Peter Haima (PCL)
Don Minaker (ex-Trailways/Blue Mountain Tours)
Wesley Barnaby Wesley Barnaby (ISL) (also has an interest in all breeds of dogs)
Mike Slavin (BCT STC)
Zoltan VinczeZoltan Vincze (ISL)
Glenn Sanders (CBL)
Warren Hiebert Warren Hiebert (PCL) (homepage)
George Johansen (BCT STC) (homepage)
Randi Overall (SBS) (thru Ryan)
Rip Kroll (GCTC) ("I drive for the Dog. Enjoy hearing from all drivers from any company around the world, as we are all equals.")
Rob Woods (BCT NVTC) (homepage)
Jim Arthurs Jim Arthurs (ISL)
Bob Raynor Bob Raynor (ISL) (thru Irma Raynor)
Denis McAuliffe (BCT BTC)
Gene Ingram (___)
Lloyd Wills Lloyd Wills (GCTC)
Fred Bradley Fred Bradley (PCL) (Fred is the new webmaster of "The Sunshine Coast Radio Society" homepage)
Harry_Pearce (WVTC - ex-ISL)
Reg Allan Reg Allan (PCL)
Bob Ree Robert E. (Bob) Ree (UCL - ex-ISL & HCL)
John Leonard John Leonard (ISL) thru
Phil Hamel Phil Hamel (PCL)
Ginger Young (BCT NVTC)
Doug Petch Doug Petch (Laidlaw/GLVic)
Bernard Choi Bernard Choi (HCL)
Ken Haggett (BCT GTC)
John Bell John Bell (PCL) (John is the author of "The Green Light of Sunset" available at Chapters)
(Book Review)
Phil Penny (PCL)
Mark Owens Mark Owens (ISL)
Brian Cuthill Brian Cuthill (CBL)
Chuck Armsworthy (Laidlaw/GLVan)
Mark Carlin Mark Carlin (UCL)
Deane Harold Deane Harold (PCL) or
Rob Kenig (BCT GTC) (formerly STC/BTC/OTC Ex Horizon/Classic Limousine)
Mal Crerar Mal Crerar (PCL)
Paul Chalmers Paul Chalmers (PCL)
Rob Krywy Rob Krywy (Laidlaw/GLVic)
Howie Wainwright (BCT PCTC Operator #21531) (thru Kelly Wainwright) kelly&
Kelly Wainwright (BCT PCTC Operator #50382) kelly&
Richard Hebb Rick Hebb (CBL)
Goran Matic (SCTG)
Greg Hoover Greg Hoover (ISL)
Dean Angell Dean Angell (Perimeter)
Peter Hsu (SCTG)
Allan Telford Allan Telford (SCTG)
Shayne Middleton Shayne Middleton (ISL)
Don Lauriente Don Lauriente (QCL) (Don was ex-PSL student driver 1974-78)
Aubrey Perry Aubrey Perry (Laidlaw/GLVan)
Will McPike Will McPike (ISL)
Ken Wright Ken Wright (TW) (Financialfree homepage - login 92668)
Danny Harden Danny Harden (PCL)
Len Munter Len Munter (GCTC - Len is Sublocal Chairman for ATU 1374 in Vancouver) or Len at 1374 (homepage)

This from Len Munter Aug 29/00: Nominations for Elections for ATU Local 1374 Executives will start any day now, and elections, including any run-offs, should be done by the end of the year. Just for your info, here’s a link to my web-add-campaign.
Ray Roch (BCT ___) ray&
Radenko Knezevic Radenko Knezevic (Horizon)
Lockie McQuarrie Lockie McQuarrie (PCL)
Tony Andrews Tony Andrews (PCL)
Cal Nicolson Cal Nicolson (Laidlaw/GLVic)
Bob St. Pierre Bob St. Pierre (Wilson's)
Brian Lo Brian Lo (Champion CL)
Martin Schinkel Martin Schinkel (PPCL)
Tom Cooper Tom Cooper (CBL)
John Nevison John Nevison (Laidlaw/GLVan)
Pidge Henry Pidge Henry (WBL) or
Beverly Novlesky Beverly Novlesky (Laidlaw/GLVan)
Dennis Hankey Dennis Hankey (Laidlaw/GLVan)
Jim Norgren Jim Norgren (CBL)
Adrian Baylis Adrian Baylis (PCL)
Doug Cummings Doug Cummings (GCTC) (Doug is editor/publisher of Extra 2200 South rail industry magazine)
Rob Low Rob Low (CBL) (Rob is a director of , North Vancouver, BC)
Gary Stubbs (ISL)
Darryl Young Darryl Young (PCL)
Fred Kortsch Fred Kortsch (CBL)
Jack Rowe Jack Rowe (ISL)
'Cappy' Bob Caponero (Laidlaw/GLVic)
David Roberts David Roberts (Laidlaw/GLVic)
Marv Schiewe Marv Schiewe (ISL) thru Darlene at
Dave Marshall Dave Marshall (ISL) thru Lynda at
Richard Shen Richard Shen (UCL)
Shirley Walker Shirley Walker (Laidlaw/GLVan)
John Poitras John Poitras (CBL)
Roger Bortignon (Laidlaw/GLVan)
Pete Kovanda (Laidlaw/GLVan)
'Tea Cup' Harold Thickett (ISL) thru Jim at
Mag Ghobrial Mag Ghobrial (ISL)
Dennis Okada Dennis Okada (ISL)
Sandy 'The Yukon Stinger' Campbell Sandy Campbell (CBL)
Hans Wenger Hans Wenger (CBL) hans&
George Ness George Ness (Laidlaw/GLVan)
Brian Revel Brian Revel (Laidlaw/GLVan)
Ray Shore Ray Shore (Laidlaw/GLVic)
Gord Anderson Gord Anderson (SCTG)
Don Kennedy Don Kennedy (CBL)
Norbert Maile Norbert Maile (ISL)
Bill Steer Bill Steer (MCL)
Eric Grundman Eric Grundman (PCL)
Peter Allan Peter Allan (PCL)
'Yorky' Lawrence Milner (MSTT-Vancr)
Dan Murry (Trailways)
Frank Temple Frank Temple (Perimeter)
Tom Flynn (Perimeter - former GLC Vancouver) or at work Mon-Fri
John Fisher John Fisher (Laidlaw/GLVan)
Steven Cumming Steven Cumming (GCTC)
Koush Gandhi Koush Gandhi (GCTC)
Glenn Goguen Glenn Goguen (GCTC)
Barry Woloski Barry Woloski (GCTC)
Rod Stevens Rod Stevens (Laidlaw/GLVic)
Dave McDonald Dave McDonald (Country Coachways)
James Pollock (McCCL)

Legend: BCT: BC Transit; OTC: Oakridge Transit Center; BTC: Burnaby Transit Center; STC: Surrey Transit Center; PoCo: Port Coquitlam Transit Center; NVan: North Vancouver Transit Center; WVan: West Vancouver Transit Center; GTC: Garbally Transit Center; NRTS: Nanaimo Regional Transit System
BCH: BC Hydro Transit; MTOC: Metro Transit Operating Company
PSL: Pacific Stage Lines; CSL: Columbia Stage Lines; CCS: Cascade Charter Service; SMT: Sechelt Motor Transport
ISL: International Stage Lines; PCL: Pacific Coach Lines; CBL: Charter Bus Lines of BC; QCL: Quick Coach Lines; WCL: Wellstone Coach Lines; McCCL: McCullough Coach Lines; GLC: Greyhound Lines of Canada; GCTC: Greyhound Canada Transportation Corporation; HCL: Horizon Coach Lines; GPCS: Gold Pan City Stages; BVCL: Black Velvet Coach Lines; TW: Trailways; CW: Canada West; MCL: Maverick Coach Lines; SBS: Surrey Bus Service; SCTG: Southcoast Transportation Group; VAL: Vancouver Airline Limousine; UCL: Universal Coach Line; FW: Farwest; GLVan: Gray Line of Vancouver; GLVic: Gray Line of Victoria; PPCL: Premier Pacific Coach Lines
GLS: Gray Line of Seattle; MSTT: Mountain Skyline Transportation & Tours, Calgary, AB; GOT: GO Transit, Hamilton, Ont.; CTCBL: Cherokee Tours Charter Bus Lines, Rocklin, CA; SDT: San Diego Transit, San Diego, CA; AST: American Stage Tours, Concord, CA; WVC: West Valley Charters, San José, CA; OCW: Oregon Coachways, Eugene, Ore.

Attn: bus drivers... Please let me know: (1) if you would like your e-mail address listed, and (2) if you would like it (mailto:) linked. Don't forget to include who you work for and/or BCT garage (i.e OTC, STC, GTC, etc.). Former bus drivers, please include your last employer and/or BCT garage. Thanks, Bill Roberts.