2000 BC Bus Roadeo, May 7, 2000 at Surrey Transit Centre (25th annual)

From Don Roed (Roadeo Committee):
Just some info re our twenty fifth roadeo. It will be held at Surrey Transit Centre on May 7, 2000. If you require any more info feel free to email Don Roed or visit The Bus Roadeo homepage 3/25/00

Further from Don:
We would like to welcome you to the twenty fifth anniversary of the Suburban Bus Roadeo, to be held May 7. Entries for this year's Roadeo will be accepted from the following properties; Poco, Burnaby, North Van.,and Surrey. This year's Roadeo will be held at the Surrey Transit Centre, and the first contestant will start at 9:00 AM. Further details are on the Entry Form page. This, our first Roadeo of the new millennium, promises to be a memorable one.There will be a free breakfast before the Roadeo, as well as entertainment for young and old. New this year will be a colouring contest for the children, see the Contest page for details. For those of you who have never entered the Bus Roadeo before, we would like to extend a personal invitation to you.Come on out and put your skills to the test, this is an opportunity to hone your skills on the keen edge of competition. One final note, we would like to thank our Sponsors, as without their support, this event would not be possible. Hope to see you there, and keep on Bussing.
Suburban Results:
The 1999 Oakridge Bus Rodeo was held at OTC on April 10th, 1999
The 1999 Suburban Properties Bus Roadeo was held at STC on April 25, 1999



  • 1975 (1st Annual) Norm Hannah (PSL)
  • 1976 (2nd Annual) Keith McMillan (KTC)
  • 1977 (3rd Annual) D. Rice-Jones (STC)
  • 1978 (4th Annual) Les Kmet (N VAN)
  • 1979 Sept. 9 (5th Annual) at the P.N.E. grounds in Vancouver, BC
    Grand Champion: Ray Rombough (MTOC - GTC Victoria)
    Inter-city category: 1. Bruce Johnson (PCL); 2. Bob McMynn (PCL); 3. Ken Weeks (PCL); 4. Ed St. Godard (PCL)
    George Dean Memorial Trophy: Bruce Johnson; ATU Trophy; Bob McMynn
    Note: other winners names not currently available)
    Other PCL participants and organizers: Louie Serraglio; Bob Gaylard; Roy Murphy; Don Urquhart; Jack Wilson; Russ Roadhouse; Don Watt and Lee Humphrey.
  • 1980 June 29 (6th Annual) at the P.N.E. grounds in Vancouver, BC
    Grand Champion: Ernie Norman (MTOC - POCO). Ernie receives Insurance Corp. of BC and Urban Transit Authority Trophies. *
    Inter-city category: 1. Bob McMynn (PCL); 2. Jack Wilson (PCL); 3. Art Jackson (PCL); 4. Don Urquhart (PCL)
    George Deane Memorial Trophy: Bob McMynn (PCL); ATU Trophy: Jack Wilson (PCL)
    Contestant line-up:
    (01-10) A. Blake; T. Lockhart; E. D'Appolonia; T. Graham; S. Churchill; D. Ireland; S. Dion; A. Fricker; G. Sorensen; V. Ring;
    (11-20) E. Bell; P. Ickringil; A. Goujon; W. Geisbrecht; J. Rutledge; B. Britos; H. Hammer; K. McFayden; H. Moerman; L. Sagriff;
    (21-30) H. Ballard; R. James; J. Seig; D.Soderquist; G. Nyman; N. Robertson; W. Warriner; B. Amato; A. Manke; P. Young;
    (31-40) D. MacDonald; R. Short; G. Scholes; B. Hayes; M. Fraser; R. Greer; E. Norman; T. Batstone; T. Wilson; L. Pearson;
    (41-50) L. Kmet; R. Knuipers; D. Cruise; H. Watters; R. Sanders; R. Rombough; J. Lee; D. Hanson; J. Burdett; L. Brown;
    (51-57) J. Davis; C. Cundy; J. Wilson; A.G. Jackson; E. St. Godard; D. Urquhart; B. McMynn.
    Note: This was the first year Metro Transit Operating Co. was represented in the City Bus category. * Other city bus category winners currently unavailable.
  • 1981 June 28 (7th Annual) at the P.N.E. grounds in Vancouver, BC
    Grand Champion: Tom Lockhart (MTOC - N VAN) *
    Inter-city category: 1. Ken Goodale (PCL); 2. Rick Straw (Gray Line Vancr.); 3. Dave Graham (Gray Line Vancr.); 4. Jack Wilson (PCL)
    Maintenance: 1 * ; 2. * ; 3. * ; 4. Steve Alger (PCL Vict.)
    Note: * Other winners currently unavailable.
  • 1982 June 27 (8th Annual) at the P.N.E. grounds in Vancouver, BC
    Grand Champion: Mirk Kolysnik (MTOC - POCO) *
    Inter-city category: 1. * (Gray Line); 2. Art Jackson (PCL); 3. Elmer Nagy (PCL); 4. *
    Maintenance: *
    Note: * Other winners currently unavailable.
  • 1983 (9th Annual) Ernie Norman (STC)
  • 1984 (strike)
  • 1985 (10th Annual) Duane Soderquist (Kamloops)
  • 1986 (11th Annual) Walter Geisbrecht (OTC)
  • 1987 (12th Annual) Bill Collins (OTC)
  • 1988 (13th Annual) Bill Collins (OTC)
  • 1989 (14th Annual) Bill Collins (OTC)
  • 1990 (15th Annual) Walter Geisbrecht (OTC)
  • 1991 (16th Annual) Mirk Kolysnik (POCO)

  • 1992 (17th Annual) Grand Champion: Bill Collins (OTC)
    City category: 1. Bill Collins (OTC); 2. Don Roed (STC); 3. Mirk Kolisnyk (BTC); 4. Kal Gosal (OTC)
    Inter-city category: 1. Art Jackson (ISL); 2. Al Winter (ISL); 3. Randy Overall (ISL); 4. Don Urquhart (ISL)
    Small communities category: 1. Brian Dixon (Port Alberni); 2. Randy Peck (Penticton)
    Maintenance category: 1. Scott McCormick (Victoria); 2. Doug Macdonald (OTC); 3. Rick Yelland (OTC)
    Highest Written Score: Kal Gosal 100% (1 of 6 with 100% but shortest course time)

  • 1993 (18th Annual) Ernie Norman (VTC - Victoria)

  • 1994 (19th Annual) May 15 at Burnaby Transit Centre. Grand Champion: Bill Collins (OTC)
    Bus Roadeo Committee: -- Rodeo Master: Stu Lawson; Judges (48): Norm Smith; Prizes and trophies: Dave Seekings; PA/Announcer: Bill Bennett; Hospitality: Cathy Lockwood; Treasurer: Jack Eastwood; Equipment: Al Menzies; Inter-city Rep: Russ Roadhouse; Entertainment: Corinne Eastham.
    Number of contestants: 42

  • 1995 (20th Annual) May 28 at Burnaby Transit Center. Grand Champion: Bill Collins (STC)
    City category: 1. Bill Collins (STC); 2. Kal Gosal (OTC); 3. Don Roed (STC); 4. Len Ruhland (STC)
    Municipal Systems: 1. Brian Dickson (Port Alberni); 2. Gene Bryant (Kelowna)
    Maintenance: 1. Rick Yelland (OTC); 2. Ron Crook (OTC); 3. Scott McCormick (VTC)
    Highest Written Score: Kal Gosal (OTC) 100%

  • 1996 (21st Annual) May 26 at Surrey Transit Centre. Grand Champion: Kal Gosal (OTC)
    City Category: 1. Kal Gosal (OTC); 2. Keith Nelson (VTC); 3. Bill Collins (STC); 4. Walt Geisbrecht (STC)
    Municipal Systems: 1. Gene Bryant (Okanagan Region); 2. Pete Kuziek (Nanaimo)
    Maintenance: 1. Arvid Knudsen (OTC); 2. Scott McCormick (VTC); 3. Ron Cook (OTC)
    Highest Written Score: Ron Brown (VTC)
    Highest Scoring Rookie: Keith Nelson (VTC)
    Fastest Foot in the West: Blair Trousdell (who beat out Brian Hollingshead, Chris Lythgo, Wendy Trousdell, Tom Yang and Trish Kusey)
    Organizer: Stu Lawson (19th year)
    Organizing Committee & Judges: from BC Transit and BC Motor Vehicles Branch

  • 1997 (22nd Annual) May 25 at Surrey Transit Centre. Here are the results:

    Grand Champion: Bill Collins STC 765
    City Catagory: 1 Bill Collins STC 765
    2 Kal Gosal OTC 718
    3 Ed Archie NVT 710
    4 Walt Giesbrecht STC 707
    Maintance: 1 Scott McCormick VTC 615
    2 Doug McDonald OTC 611
    3 Dave Hayne OTC 537
    Small Communities: 1 Geoff Clement Sunshine Coast 550
    2 Pete Kuziek Nanaimo 540

    Highest Written Score: TBA
    Highest Scoring Rookie: TBA
    Fastest Foot in the West: TBA
    Organizer: TBA
    Organizing Committee & Judges: from BC Transit and BC Motor Vehicles Branch

  • 1998 (23rd Annual) May, 1998. Results not available as yet.

  • 1999 (24th Annual) May 1, 1999 at Oakridge Transit Centre.
    Here are the results as published in May issue of "Transit Exchange":
    Grand Champion: Kal Gosal OTC

    Kal will go on to represent BC in the national roadeo in Toronto later this month and in the fall will represent BC at the APTA Roadeo in Orlando, FL. Note: Kal's son, Joe Gosal, finished 12th overall and is the 1st competitor in BC Roadeo history to get a perfect score on both written test and bad-order bus test.

    City Catagory: 1 Kal Gosal OTC
    2 Lothar Greczmiel STC
    3 Bill Collins NVT
    4 Ron Brown GTC

    Note: The top 10 competitors will compete in the Northwest Invitational in mid- Sept., 1999. This event is comprised of winners from Vancouver, Portland and Seattle.

    Maintance: 1 Doug McDonald OTC (1998 APTA Roadeo Champion)
    2 Ron Crook OTC
    3 Scott McCormick GTC Victoria

    Small Communities: 1 Pete Kuziek Nanaimo
    2 Brad Cronk Nanaimo

    Highest Written Score: Ray Boyd (100% - PCTC)
    Highest Scoring Rookie: Tim Robins (GTC Victoria)
    Organizer: TBA
    Organizing Committee & Judges: from BC Transit and BC Motor Vehicles Branch

  • 2000 (25th Annual) May 7, 2000

    There will be a special Provincial roadeo to celebrate 25 years and the millennium.

  • Note: Ernie Norman won The International Bus Drivers Rodeo Championships 4 times:
    1983 Denver, Colorado
    1985 Los Angeles, California
    1991 Toronto, Ontario
    1992 San Diego, California
    Ernie is the only bus driver from B.C. to win the international event.

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