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    All writings by Joyce Arthur unless otherwise noted.
    Please check my blog for a collection of recent articles, mostly cross-posted from my Rabble.ca column


Religion / Atheism

What God Wants: Theological Atheism - introducing a simple, new religious belief that relies on logic and evidence to answer the key question of what God really wants from us. Also blogged at DailyKos May 2007.
Why Religious People—Especially "Scientific Creationists"—Should Adopt Theological Atheism
Religion and Abortion - the anti-abortion viewpoint is rooted in sectarian religion, and abortion rights should be protected under our constitutional right to freedom of religion.
Anti-Abortionists Don't Have a Biblical Leg to Stand On - Yes, the Bible is Pro-Choice!
Why the Christian Right Wages War Against Abortion
Believe It or Not - Mensa's Religious Quotient
Sample chapter of a book-length debate between a Christian and an Atheist. This excerpt is on Biblical prophecy. It is a zipped file (63k) that you can download.
An Atheist's Favourite Bible Verses
My Letters to the Editor - mostly about atheism/religion
The Happy Atheist - by Chapman Cohen
Invasion of the Mind Snatchers - by Dennis McKinsey
The Jesus Puzzle: Was There No Historical Jesus? - an essay by Earl Doherty (off-site)
The "Cure for Christianity" Library - a bibliography

Creation / Evolution

(all writings by Joyce Arthur unless otherwise noted)

What God Wants: the Case for Theological Atheism - We should respect God's wishes and act like he doesn't exist. Also blogged at DailyKos May 2007.
Creationism: Bad Science or Immoral Pseudoscience? - an exposé of Duane Gish
Duane Gish Responds to Critique
Joyce Arthur Replies to Gish
Extinction and the Geological Record
God Loves Me, so Evolution Can't be True: Creationist Psychology Revealed
Was the Creator Only Kidneying?
A Few Silly Flaws in Walter Brown's Hydroplate Theory
Anti-Creationist Library - a bibliography
The Paradox of the Apple - by K.D. Augustijn, PhD
Duplicity of Institute for Creation Research - by Scott Goodman
Ovulation vs. Cretinism - anonymous humour

Abortion / Feminism

(all writings by Joyce Arthur unless otherwise noted)
Please check my blog for a collection of recent articles, mostly cross-posted from my Rabble.ca column

bullet “Dishonourable disobedience” – Why refusal to treat in reproductive healthcare is not conscientious objection, by Christian Fiala and Joyce Arthur. (Woman - Psychosomatic Gynaecology and Obstetrics, 29 March 2014) Current laws and practices in various countries around conscientious objection in reproductive healthcare show that it is unworkable and frequently abused, with harmful impacts on women's healthcare and rights.  PDF version.
bullet How Deeply Flawed Studies on Abortion and Breast Cancer Become Anti-Choice Fodder, RH Reality Check, January 9, 2014. Anti-choice people are using findings from a new study out of China to jump to the unwarranted conclusion that abortion causes an increased breast cancer risk. But the study’s methodology and data appear seriously flawed, with the results likely reflecting “recall bias.”
bullet  A Disgraceful Example of B.A.D. Science (biased, agenda-driven): Anti-Choice “Research” on Maternal Mortality in Chile - This piece and the annotated links at the bottom provide comprehensive rebuttals to false anti-choice claims that illegal abortion does not affect a country's maternal mortality rate, as well as false claims that the Guttmacher Institute's methodology for calculating the incidence of illegal abortion is invalid.  
The Limits of Free Speech - The right to free speech is a fundamental value, but it should not be allowed to outweigh the basic human rights of other people, especially their right to life. Proscribing hate speech more broadly would hopefully foster a more inclusive, tolerant, and safer society.
Criminalized Abortion Overshadows Good News of Reduced Unsafe Abortion Deaths - Researchers at the World Health Organization have recently documented  a substantial decrease in the numbers of unsafe abortion deaths, but the incidence of unsafe abortion itself has not decreased. Anti-abortion laws in developing countries cause grave harm and endanger women's lives and health. As long as these antiquated laws remain in place,  unsafe abortion and its resulting maternal mortality and morbidity will continue.
Let's Ban Coerced Childbirth -  Anti-choicers want to ban coercing a woman into abortion, but a better idea would be a law that prohibits the much more common practice of coercing a woman into childbirth.
Survey: 64% of Abortion Clinics in Canada Experience Protesters - A new survey by the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada reveals that 64% of abortion clinics in Canada clinics currently experience protest activity, while a further 15% have had protesters in the past. But 73% of clinics have no legal protection from picketing. The full report is available here

Yes, Legalizing Abortion Does Save Women's Lives: Anti-choicers are making bizarre claims that legalizing abortion does not improve maternal health and may even harm it, and that countries with strict anti-abortion laws have better maternal health records. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Abortion Still Does Not Lead to an Increased Risk of Breast Cancer (or other health problems):  Anti-choicers will never let facts get in the way of their ideology, but here's the evidence again anyway.
It's About Abortion Stupid! - Conservative politicians and commentators have heaped scorn on Michael Ignatieff’s call to  not exclude abortion and contraception from Harper's plan to address maternal and child health in developing countries. But his critics have launched attacks without the benefit of any facts, and even less compassion for women.
What the Pollster Didn't Ask: Biased Poll Fuels Anti-Abortion Myths. A recent misleading poll by Angus Reid betrays a strong anti-abortion bias in favour of a new abortion law for Canada.
Catholic bishops need my writing help - I took the liberty of helpfully rewriting a statement from Irish Catholic bishops because it wasn't an accurate reflection of their views.
Legalize Abortion - Canada hasn’t had an abortion law since 1988, but we need one: a “positive” law that increases access to the procedure, without cost or stigma.
Women's Rights Are Not Up For Debate - The current call to "re-open" the abortion debate is really a call to re-criminalize abortion and eliminate the rights of pregnant women, including their right to life.
Canada Does Not Need an Abortion Law - Since 1988, Canada has proven that abortion care can be delivered responsibly without any laws restricting abortion. With our low abortion rate and majority support for women's equality, Canada's example should be a role model for the rest of the world.
Exposing Crisis Pregnancy Centres in BC - A research report by the Pro-Choice Action Network. Anti-abortion "counselling" agencies rely on deception, misinformation, and emotional manipulation to persuade women against abortion. Executive Summary

Show the LiesAnnual “Show the Truth” tour traumatizes communities with offensive lies about abortion.
Abortion: The Ultimate Insult to Male Authority - How abortion fits into women's oppression in general, and why women are generally oppressed.
Repeal All Abortion Laws - A shorter blogged version of the article below, showing why all abortion restrictions are unjust, harmful, and useless.
The Case for Repealing Anti-Abortion Laws - A detailed argument using evidence from Canada, the only democratic country in the world with no abortion restrictions.
 Sexualizing Girls and Women - Yes, it can be bad, but let's not forget that women are sexual beings - A critical review of the American Psychological Association report on the sexualization of girls. (This link goes to my blog.)
A Pro-Choice "Extremist" Critiques the Global Consensus on Abortion - A book review of "The Human Drama of Abortion: a Global Search for Consensus" by Aníbal Faúndes and José S. Barzelatto (This link goes to my blog.)
Thoughts on Jack Holland's "Misogyny" - A book review that looks at the links between misogyny, women's "right to choose," and rape. (This link goes to my blog.)
Linking the Prostitution and Abortion Debates - There are too many ominous parallels between the feminist position that prostitution should be abolished because it hurts and exploits women, and the almost identical anti-choice position towards abortion. (This link goes to my blog.)
Why Prostitution Cannot Be Abolished - and Why It Shouldn't Be. Why do men buy sex, and why do prostitutes have such low status? A look at the roots of prostitution and whether it's bad aspects can be changed or reduced. (This link goes to my blog.)
Paternity, Patriarchy, and Reproductive Rights - The male need to control paternity explains most of the oppression against women, including anti-abortion laws and attitudes.
Let No Fetus Defeat Us! - The heart of the abortion issue is inside the heart of a woman. When she's pregnant, the value and fate of her fetus is completely up to her and nobody else. (This link goes to my blog.)
Yours is a "War" We Cannot Support - Rebuttal to William Saletan.
The Fetus Focus Fallacy - Focusing on the fetus has dire legal and social consequences for women's rights and dignity.
Death in Perspective - The annual death rate from maternal mortality is three times greater than the recent tsunami.
Fetal Pain: A Red Herring in the Abortion Debate - Fetuses cannot feel pain until the third trimester, if even then,  but virtually no abortions occur at that late stage anyway.
The Political Is Too Personal - Why abortion is an election issue, and why it shouldn't be.
Where is the Anti-Choice Movement Headed? - A detailed analysis of the successes and failures of the anti-choice movement in North America, with a focus on the history and role of extremism. Examines violence statistics and legal and law enforcement trends, compares the abortion battle to other violent movements, critiques anti-choice successes and the movement's shortcomings. How long will the movement survive as a credible political and moral force?
Different Foundations, Diverging Futures - The abortion climate: comparisons between Canada and the U.S.A
The Myth of "Pro-Abortion Violence" -  Did you know the pro-choice movement is 50 times more violent than the anti-choice movement? NOT!
How to Interpret Polls on Abortion - How strong is pro-choice support in Canada, really? The ambivalence that shows up in polls probably reflects anti-choice misconceptions about abortion.
A Word of Advice to Anti-Choicers - If you want a chance of winning your "war" against abortion, at least "know your enemy!"
The Question Left Hanging - Curiosity got the best of me.  I just had to figure out how anti-abortion protester Maurice Lewis really died.  Join me in solving the "well-hung martyr mystery." 
Abortion and Breast Cancer - A Forged Link - Anti-abortion zealots exploit and hurt women with their claim that abortion leads to an increased risk of breast cancer.
Religion and Abortion - The anti-abortion viewpoint is based on sectarian religion, and abortion rights should be protected under our constitutional right to freedom of religion.
Anti-Abortionists Don't Have a Biblical Leg to Stand On - Yes, the Bible is Pro-Choice!
Personhood: Is a Fetus a Human Being?
What Pro-Choice Really Means (or Pro-Choice for Dummies)
No Virginia - Abortion is NOT Genocide
"The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion" - When the Anti-Choice Choose - New! Now available in a Belorussian translation
Spreading Hatred Against Abortion Providers Once Again: The Anti-choice Exploitation of Fetal Tissue Research
Legal Abortion: the Sign of a Civilized Society (international perspectives)
Abortion in Canada: History, Law, and Access
Mortal Sins of the Vatican
Hypocrisy and the Hippocratic Oath
Why Pro-Choice Supporters Should Not Publicly Debate the Anti-Choice
The Emotional Aftermath to Dr. Barnett Slepian's Murder
Why the Christian Right Wages War Against Abortion
Anti-Choice Terrorism (and what you can do to counter it)
Psychological After-effects of Abortion: the Real Story
Risky Business: Learning to Play It Safe
An Open Letter to the Pope - by Dr. Henry Morgentaler

Miscellaneous Non-fiction

by Joyce Arthur

How I Lost 50 Pounds and Kept It Off (and Other Dieting Tips)
Duck Hybrids and Variants in Greater Vancouver (includes duck photos)

Fun and Games and Success (the story of Gender Bender)
About Gender Bender
The Problem with Prisons
Land-Lording it over tenant's rights - a renter's rant
Learning the Dvorak Keyboard
My Published Letters to the Editor


by Joyce Arthur

Lessons (short story)
Moving Day (short story)
Once Upon a Time (short story)
Mythmakers (Chapter 1 of a proposed novel)
Mythmakers (another chapter of the novel, May 2002)