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  • A new look for the Sakya Resource Guide! After nine years the SRG has had a face lift along with changes to the basic organization of information. Please send all comments and suggestions to

  • Many of the old news items from the last several years have been removed because of broken URL links. All announcements of New Books have been moved to the Bibliography section of the webpage.

  • Jetsun Kusho Chimey Luding: Australia 2005. Jetsun Kusho will visit cities around Australia, beginning April 29th though June 25th, to give teachings and empowerments. Due to the impermanent nature of all things, the programme is subject to change, however any alterations or further information will be posted on the website of Sakya Tharpa Ling.

  • The Himalayan Art Project website has changed names and is now called Himalayan Art Resources. For a review of the website see the Tricycle article Virtual Treasures from fall 2003.

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  • Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center: "To preserve and make available the wisdom traditions of Tibetan Buddhism supported by Tibetan history and culture by utilizing the latest available technology to preserve documents and images, to access and systematically research them, while promoting a standard of excellence in these fields." (Uploaded 23/09/00)

  • An Internet Message from Khyabgon Sakya Trizin Rinpoche. (Uploaded 09/09/00)

  • A Short History of Sakya by Khyabgon Sakya Trizin Rinpoche.(Uploaded 09/09/00)

  • Announcement: On the 16th of March, 2000, Luding Shabdrung Rinpoche was enthroned at Ngor Pal E-Wam Choden Monastery, Manduwalla, India, as the 76th abbot of the line. The position of the head abbot of Ngor was traditionally held for a three year period in which extensive teachings are given almost non-stop. The three year periods alternate between the four monastic Houses (labrangs); Luding, Khangsar, Thartse and Phende. Due to the Chinese take-over of Tibet in 1959 and the disruption to the Ngor monastic system Luding Khen Rinpoche has effectively lead and maintained the Ngor School up to the present. (Uploaded 14/2/00)

NEWS 1998

Tarig Tulku Rinpoche of the Ngor School of Sakya passed away peacefully on Friday May 15th, 1998, at Sakya Tenphel Ling, Singapore.

Tarig Rinpoche was the head of the Tsechen Shedrupling Monastery at Boudhanath, Kathmandu, Nepal. Since fleeing Kham, Tibet, in the late 1950s Rinpoche has tirelessly strived to meticulously preserve the Sakya teachings and traditions according to the Ngorpa custom. He was exceptionally generous to everybody be it Dharma teachings or material goods. He was a master of the concept of 'auspicious occurrence' (tendrel yagpo du) and performed all actions in a humble manner free of haughtiness.

Rinpoche was not only a great Buddhist practitioner and Dharma Teacher, but exemplified on a day to day level how to properly care for those under his protection, family and neighbours, how to support the Dharma practice of others and be a sponsor for the propagation of the Dharma as a whole.

All Sakya students owe a debt of kindness to this humble lama who blessed the lives of all of those he came in contact with. May his Dharma activities live on through his example and the inspiration that he engendered in us all.


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