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"Uncle Bill" Anatooskin
"Uncle Bill" Anatooskin
Under the influence of his mother, Margaret, an excellent cook with a wide repertoire of tasty dishes, Bill Anatooskin developed a passion for cooking at a young age.

When Bill asked how she made some of the family favorites, his mother could only say, "take a little of this and a little of that and season to taste". Because Margaret cooked from memory and intuition, she couldn't say exactly what went into her dishes. Bill started experimenting by duplicating her creations and went on to develop his own style and repertoire. His mother often declared his version to be better than her own.

She, along with his many friends and acquaintances, was soon asking for recipes. Fortunately for them, and us, Bill did write them down.

A few years ago, Bill's wife, Jackie developed health problems and was faced with the challenge of restricting the fat and cholesterol in her diet. Knowing Bill's flare for cooking, Jackie asked him to expand his collection to include some tasty dishes low in fat and sodium.

Because she was delighted with the results, they decided to share his appetizing, healthful creations with others.

From Uncle Bill's Kitchen contains tried-and-true, easy to follow recipes for both novice and experienced cooks. You'll find old Russian, Ukrainian, and other ethnic favorites, along with modern West Coast dishes. The nutrient analysis with each recipe will please the health conscious. Uncle Bill's favorite recipes will reward efforts of the most creative cook and provide the family with many tantalizing, healthful meals.

Jackie Anatooskin
Jackie Anatooskin
In many familys, especially those without children or those where the children have grown, pets become a part of the family.

Good nutrition is one of the foundations of a happy, healthy life for your pet. Included in this book are recipes for healthy treats and dinners for your dog(s).

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