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 Western Steps to Recovery Society

Welcome to the Western Steps Society and the Turning Point program of recovery! Western Steps is a non-profit society based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Society is committed to operating residential recovery homes where the Turning Point program is available to people suffering from the diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction.

NEWS! The Western Steps to Recovery Society has recently been CARF accredited by The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission. To learn about CARF accreditation and what it means to the Society, click here.

The Turning Point program of recovery is founded on the belief that each and every person is, or can learn to be, ultimately responsible for his or her own life and decisions. Our structured, supportive environment facilitates the mental, emotional, and spiritual development of residents through a twelve-step program of recovery.

In the community, Turning Point works together with private businesses and corporations to help their co-workers and employees deal with problems related to alcoholism and addiction. For more information, please visit our Employee Assistance Program.