Location of SNI Center

CANADA (SNI Canada Inc.) Eastern region

SNI Toronto Center: 662 Victoria Park Avenue Toronto, Ontario Canada Tel. 416-690-8686, 416-439-5681 SNI North York Center: 218 Sheppard Avenue East,Suit 102. North York, Ontario, M2N 3A9 Canada, Tel:(519)-830-5545, (519)846-9165

Western region

SNI Canada Western District Union SNI Burnaby Center 7908 Willard street Burnaby, B.C. Tel 604-525-4953,Fax 520-3514 SNI Kamloops Center 1870 Inglewood street Kamloops, B.C. Tel 604-376-3202, Fax 604-376-2214 SNI Vancouver Center 305 East 16th Avenu Vancouver, B.C. Tel. 604-879-8116,, 604-876-8056 SNI Victoria Center 2176 Lansdowne road victoria,B.C.V8P 1B6 Tel 604-595-4193, Fax. 604-595-1831

Central region

SNI Winnipeg 156 Dickens Drive Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3K 0M2 Tel 204-831-7879

Outside Canada

SNI-International Headquarters,Japan 1-23-30 Jingumae,Shibuyy-Ku,Tokyo,150-91,Japan Tel. 03-340-1-0131,Fax.03-3401-3596 SNI-North America Missionary Headquarters and United State of America Missionary Headquarters; 14527 South Vermont Avenu Gardena, CA 90247 Tel 213-321-4833, 310-323-8486 SNI New York Center:Spiritual training center 247 East 53rd Street New York, NY 10022 U.S.A. Tel: 212-371-5533

Office : The WWW of Canada Western District Union

SNI-Burnaby Center in Greater Vancouver, B.C. Canada
7908 Willard Street Burnaby, B.C. Canada V3N 2W7
Tel.(604)525- 4952, Fax (604)520-3514, e-mail:ttakeuch@direct.ca.and canannex@infomatch.com.

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