Rules for applying for the Christians Online Featured Site Award.

To apply...
  • Check to make sure the site you are nominating is Christian oriented.
  • If the site is a business site, it must be made clear that it is Christian owned and operated.
  • Check to see that there are no swearing, violence, nudity or anything else that may be offensive in the web site.
  • If the site meets these specifications, then apply by posting to the linksbook.

What we look for

  • Sites that are not afraid of showing the world that it is Christian.
  • Sites that bring Christians together into an online community (ie, sites that visitors will visit not just once, but many times).
  • Sites that have good "web" programming. This means, fast loading graphics, easy to read layout, and a fluid navigation system.

If you win...

  • We will display your baner with a link to your site at a resolution of 300x40 for a period of TWO weeks. We will also provide you with a graphic for you to display on your front page telling your visitors that you have won our award.

One more thing... we reserve the right to change these rules as we see fit, anytime :-)

Good Luck!

Apply NOW for the Christians Online Featured Site Award by posting to the linksbook.

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