Roo's Favorite Links

The Dialectizer is the neatest thing!  It takes a web page and translates into several dialects..lots to choose from including Cockney and Redneck.  You gotta try it to believe it!

We like to put a bit of java on our pages.  We aren't too skilled in this department so one the sites we get a little help from is Cut-and-Paste Javascript.  They have a great collection of java goodies to spice up web pages!

One of the best ways of keeping in touch while we were at opposite sides of the world was internet greeting cards. We still send them to each other from time to time and enjoy surprising friends and family with them. The best selection of sites around is at Internet Card Central.

  We love to ICQ. It is a great program for contacting your friends on the net. It has a great messaging and chat facility. Well worth trying!

We don't have children (yet!) but we spend a lot of time with Roo's niece at the CTW Family Workshop.  There are heaps of education games for children here and there isn't a single visit when that little girl doesn't ask to go on the computer and "play".  Little does the kid know she's learning while she's having fun!

Samware is a small company that offers an excellent shareware reminder program for your computer.

You are Beautiful!  This site gives hope to all us women out there who don't think we're perfect.  Did you know Marilyn Monroe was a size 16?

Ever been searching the net for the perfect midi for your webpage? Try this's how we found most of ours!

Absolutely Joe's Place

This is such a great place to visit. Trivia, Graphics, Wav Files and so much more. One of the coolest things he does is make personalized songs for folks. He made a lovely one for our wedding. Joe's page has something for everyone!

Worm's Favorite Links

Winfiles.comThis site is a good one for the latest downloads of games, programs, system utilities, screen savers and lots more!

Aspert Computers is a site with parts information and pricing. Did ya know Worm is a wiz at building computers from the ground up??

Tucows TuCows has lots of shareware programs including internet programs, HTML editors, games and more!

For yet even more shareware (Worm is a software junkie!) visit

This is a very interesting site. A System Optimization PC Hardware and Performance Guide. Lots of useful information!

Worm checks out Virtual Support Forums for feedback from other users on Windows operating systems and hardware for the computer. You can almost always find someone with the same question as you have, and often... the answer too!

If you need some help with the world of computers and/or cyberspace, Chalk Talk can do just that, whether you are an expert or a novice. On Saturday mornings at 10:00am PST they have a great show all about computers. The program is available on Real Audio at that time on CKNW 98 AM. Visit Chalk Talk's Home Page- where you can get answers to your computer problems!