Blueyed1 is a friend we met through IRC a couple of years ago. She is a great friend who is the owner of a beautiful horse named Akasha.

Drop in to KizCorner and see what Kiz has created! She is another irc pal of ours.

Nini has been a good friend to Roo for years now.  She is a very special lady with a really nice page called Nini's Home.  new

Please stop by and visit Ladyhawk. She is another friend we met on IRC. Her little "Butterbean" is the light of her life!

Pete and Deb are two friends of ours who live in Australia. Their story is very similar to ours! They too met on the internet, got married and are living happily ever after!

Tj is a great guy who has written a great homepage complete with his own graphics offerings.

Our friend Melany has a terrific page.   Please so pay her a visit and see the great work she has done.  She is the daughter of two good friends of ours, Joan and Roger. new

Yet another pal we chat with on-line is Chrysalis. Her page is great; included is a lovely tribute to her  grandson.

Visit our friends Emerald and Numero..they have a fun page too!

Emerald and Numero's Homepage