Cooking and Food Links

This is a good site from Robin Hood Flour. They have a lot of bread recipes including some for bread machines.

The Kitchen Link Bread Machine Recipe Center has over 1000 recipes for Bread Machines!  We got a bread machine for a wedding gift and it is the greatest thing!!! If you have one, this site is well worth checking out.  If you don't have one....GET ONE!

bread machine line

Food NetworkFor a great site full of excellent recipes drop by The Food Network. We watch many of the shows on television and them just go on-line and download the recipes.

A Canadian celebrity named James Barber is known as The Urban Peasant.  His show his being broadcast in many countries now and he is a wonderful cook with a great style.  His philosophy is simple..."Cooking ought to be fun, and it ought to be easy,  and it ought to be something we can all do together,  and enjoy, together".  He's a. great guy too!  Roo asked him to call Worm for a birthday surprise...and he did!!

For another great collection of recipes check out Life Network's What's For Dinner?  The hosts of this show are really..well..different and a lot of fun.  We watch the show regularly and they make some yummy things.

Dish-It-Out is another good TV cooking program we like to watch.  Their site is great with lots of recipe ideas.  We recommend the Chicken And Black Bean Quesadillas! 

Epicurious Food, Drink, Cooking and Recipes. One of the best cooking sites we've seen!

kraftThe Kraft Interactive Kitchen is a very interesting site with a lot of good recipes, tips and techniques, holiday fare and lots more!

The Internet Chef On-Line has over 30,000 recipes.  With an internet connection, who needs cookbooks anymore??

Ever wanted to make something at home that you had in a restaurant??  Try CopyKat Recipes for a great selection of recipes for everything from Orange Julius to McDonalds Special Sauce! 

Part of the wonder of Australia is it's food.  Here's a good page of Australian Recipies for you to try!

The Reynolds Kitchens On-Line is another great recipe site posted by the folks who make Reynolds Wrap..some great bbq ideas! 

Roo is a chocoholic. What better page to visit than Cadburys???

The Searchable On-line Archive of Recipes has oodles of stuff to look at from appetizers to desserts and also recipes from around the world.