An Introduction to the Church of Delirium

1. The Church of Delirium (E.'.G.'.D.'.) is an active religious group whose primary goal is exploring the nature of the Universe, which we believe is in a state of Delirium. Our primary goal includes being a religious and social vehicle for those who've touched the Delirium. Our activities fall within those of any normal church (though only in the broadest sense) and our goals are similar to those of many other churches as well. We differ primarily in our membership and our views.

2. Rebels, Refugees and Eccentrics unite! The Church has been established for the benefit certain marginalized people. Ours is a church for refugee's in the war for freedom. It is not Catholic (universal) but Gnostic, in the sense that it must appeal to a very few.

It is supportive of those of us who are stigmatized, quarantined, ridiculed and otherwise abused as a result of our unconventional lifestyles and values. This includes poets, revolutionaries, pagans, artists, musicians, feminists, minorities and others whose rebellious beliefs are in conflict with mainstream societal views and activities.

All social organizations and systems attempt to generate a normalizing effect on the population: to establish a particular lifestyle for everyone to adopt or adapt to. Many of us fall outside of that lifestyle and as a result are alienated, disenfranchised and impoverished both in terms of resources and in access to those resources. Among the many in conflict with society are those few whose views are in congruence with the Church. The Church has been established for us.

3. We are in Hell. The universe is not sentient and is not capable of perceiving it's inhabitants, let alone be responsive to their needs. Instead, the universe is in a state of pre-conscious delirium, a state in which it dreams heavens and hells. We define a hell a defined in the traditional sense; a place in which the inhabitants suffer torture and pain at the hands on those in power. They suffer the pain of being enslaved, raped, tortured and murdered. Often it's murder through neglect, such as allowing people to slowly starve to death.

Those in power are, of course, the demons, and like any demon they are demonstrably different from the tortured. They enjoy greater liberties, privileges and resources than the damned. They are free to torture and kill as they please as long it's within the rules of the "game". At a fundamental level, they lack empathy; the capacity to feel the pain of their victims. This is explained in psychopathological terms as a physiological lack of response to certain stimuli, such as the suffering of others. By definition, this is indicative of a sociopath.

To many Gnostics, this lack of empathy is a sign that the individual lacks a soul, and is nothing more than animated clay in the hands of the Demiurge (Yahweh, Jehovah) who is considered the true source of evil. Those who lack this core of empathy are the servants of the Demiurge in that they establish his laws, his restrictions, his slavery. They rule the world.

In the Church of Delirium, it doesn't matter whether one adopts religious terminology or psychological, the demons are clearly identified and easily described, and they are in control. On this planet, Hell exists. Unspeakable horrors are perpetrated against the damned every second. Half of the people in the world have inadequate food to sustain themselves (according to the World Health Organization). In other words, we are slowly starving to death. Along the way we are exploited by the powerful in the capitalist game of "acquiring more wealth" to our detriment. We are enslaved in jobs that demand the best part of our lives in return for nothing. B. F. Skinner described this situation very well as a state in which we continue to work for transient rewards, enough to sustain us through each period, but lose the greatest reward of all; life itself. The small rewards are more immediately compelling than the large one, until we reach the end of life and wish that we had had the freedom to explore our lives, independent of wage slavery.

Along with starvation and slavery we have to contend with 1,000's of rapes, murders and other violent acts against us, supported by a system that is created and sustained by the demons of power. In every sense, this world is one of pain and suffering for the vast majority of people. The universe, in it's delirium, has dreamed a hell.

4. We are revolutionary. The quality of life on this planet can be greatly improved. The universe is perfectly capable of dreaming a heaven. After all, it is capable of dreaming the extremely complex biological system that inhabits this planet, as well as the billions of other galaxies, stars and planets that occupy the universe. It does not impose hell on us. This world could be a heaven, were it not ruled by avaristic, self-indulgent and cold-blooded sociopaths. Power-elitism must be ended and a far more life-supportive system put in it's place. Any social change adequate enough to ensure quality of life for the world's inhabitants would, by definition, be revolutionary.

Ideally, we would prefer a completely anarchistic system in which each was free to do their Will while not imposing on others. This is not pragmatic. However, we can identify this along a political spectrum in which more or less liberty is given to the individual and the church strives for liberation and an end to the remnants of the slavery aeon.

5. We Dance with the Universe. We are not Darwinian, at least not in the common sense, but Lamarkian. Lamark noted that the universe has relentlessly evolved life towards higher intelligence. He believed God was behind this (we don't) and that this process was predestined (again, we don't). We are Lamarkian in the sense that we recognize that the universe has (fumblingly but relentlessly) evolved more complex forms of matter, and increasingly intelligent forms of matter (in the sense that they perform an intelligent process, even if not aware of it).

The universe is not sentient, but it has evolved sentience and the basic processes are easy to see. At it's most elemental, the universe continuously differentiates elements and them recombines them. These new elements are more complex and numerous than the previous and these are in turn, recombined to form new, even more complex elements. This is the Dance. The evidence for this is in the realm of science.

In the beginning of the universe, it's core was unified, then differentiated into elementary particles, fields, force carriers etc. These recombined to form a greater number of more differentiated elements; Atoms. Atoms combined to form molecules, these evolved self-replication and other intelligent processes until uni-cellular life was formed. Unicellular life forms combined to form more complex, differentiated and intelligent multi-cellular life forms and these in turn have evolved. At each stage that the process is completed, more differentiated and complex forms emerge, and they become more intelligent (even leaving out humans).

The stages are not pre-planned, the outcome is not predestined. On this planet, intelligence can evolve in any number of directions. Organic intelligence is finding Ways of interconnecting with silicon intelligence, it may also find Ways to connect with itself. The result would be a world mind. Intelligence here may unite with intelligence on other planets who wish to engage in the Dance. Many other creatures on this planet are also evolving more intelligence, they may also be engaged in the Dance. We do not suggest one way is better than another, or that one outcome is better. The process will occur as it always has and we can choose to be actively involved or not. In the Church, we choose to be actively involved.

6. We Indulge ourselves in Life. There may be any number of reasons for our existence or even none at all. The Church prefers not to over-indulge in theological speculation though, and so we have a more pragmatic view. As beings (regardless of how we got this way) we have complex nervous systems whose primary task is generating experience for us. Without this system (or parts of it) our experience of life is diminished and we are increasingly vulnerable. From an evolutionary stance, life has evolved increasingly complex nervous systems capable of a more refined, complete and accurate experience of external life, as well as generating the same for our inner life. It's likely that this is fundamental to existence and the Church takes the stance that the experience of life is the key. As such, we indulge ourselves in our experiences.

In the common sense, indulgence means to treat oneself special, such as after a hard days work. In the Church, we take indulgence to mean immersing ourselves in pleasures, especially novel ones as these expand our experience of life. Pleasure opens us to life, pain closes us off from it. Pleasure makes life fulfilling, pain makes it meaningless. In the Church, indulgence is the practice of finding things we enjoy, and taking it to extremes in our experience of them. It's the practice of opening ourselves up to novelty, to new experience. It's the practice of being vulnerable to passion.

I. Views of the Church:

1. The Universe is in a state of pre-conscious Delirium. There are, in essence, two God/desses; the Goddess that creates, sustains and destroy us and the Goddess of the Mind. The first Goddess is the universe itself. The fact that we are created by the Universe is indisputable, our very essence as quantum events (electrons, neutrons etc) identical with those of the rest of the universe proves this. As well, we are indisputably sustained by the universe (any reasonable choke hold will prove this) as well as being continuously being destroyed (or degraded) by it. Our re-integration with the universe is not the work of an invisible hand (anomalous intervention aside), but has a clear physiological basis.

Unfortunately, the universe has an estimated IQ of about 0 (various university studies indicate this). This is based on the fact that it has done an intelligent thing (made human beings) but took many billions of years to do it. It's methodology is the simplest of trial-and-error, differentiating elements and then recombining them in more complex Ways. A comparable view is to say that the universe has a very small bit of code, a subroutine, that is so simple and basic that it takes 11 Billion years for it to express intelligence (and it's clearly not done yet).

Another possibility is that the universe is flawed, considering the narrow margin within which can life exist. Perhaps the code of the universe should generate stasis and life is a subtle but persistent error. Regardless of the theories, there is simply no evidence for a high level of intellect in the activities of the universe or in it's evolution.

The Goddess of the Mind is the Goddess that most other religions associate with our creator - sustainer - destroyer (the Universe), and it may appear in an infinite variety of guises. It may be called Yahweh, Sophia, Allah, Zeus, Brahma, Hathor, Ormazd, Inanna or any number of names (there are new ones appearing all the time). It has many persona's as well, these being referred to as demigods, Loa, spirits, entities, visitors etc. Just like us, they are products of the Universe (even if they exist only within an individual mind).

Their key uniting element is that they appear to us through the vehicle of the human nervous system. We experience them within ourselves. In other words, we wouldn't attempt to visit Shiva in a space craft, but through meditation, entheogens, rituals, lifestyles and other things that attempt to change our state of consciousness such that we experience the presence of the deity.

2. There are no rules, nothing is written. Rules can be considered, at best, generalizing principles or properties. In it's delirium, the universe seems capable of creating only a ghostly reality, one in which there are always exceptions and plenty of deceptions as well. Even the Laws of Nature are far from being fixed. Gravity, for example, depends on the positions and movements of elementary events (particles, fields) and these are in turn dependent on probabilistic principles. A physicist may be able to predict, with a fair degree of accuracy, the fall of a feather in a vacuum (an isolated environment) but in the real world this would be impossible. A chemist may be able to isolate the elements of life but cannot combine them to create a living being. An evolutionary biologist cannot predict future evolution. There are no rule books.

Philosophers, politicians, sociologists, psychologists and others have attempted to establish their rule books, and the power-elite impose them on us. However, scientists have found that human beings are simply not prone to rules. Instead we life in chaotic patterns that can only be described in terms of probabilities. Even the forcible imposition of rules has only succeeded in altering the flow of the patterns. These patterns can flow in Ways that can benefit or harm us, they have no consciousness and no intelligence to appeal to.

At the social level, it can be commonly observed that rules are constantly being broken with impunity. Human beings simply don't like too much restriction and act as though there are no rules (but only through principles that tend to have a generalizing effect on our behavior).

Being in a state of delirium, the universe itself can apply no set of rules nor any kind of deterministic future. This is the meaning of the second part of the phrase; "Nothing is Written". There is no certain way in which things must work out (or in complicated systems like society, aren't even able to be predictable). A comet can hit the Earth a year from now and the universe will simply continue on as before. It doesn't care what happens to us nor is it even capable of caring. Why or how would it establish a set of rules for us to follow in order to bring about some sort of predetermined future?

There are, of course, any number of Holy Books purporting to establish the rules through what is "Written", but these are invariably flawed and often in the most obvious Ways. For example, the Bible contains innumerable instances of astronomical misinformation (the Earth really isn't flat, and heaven hasn't been found anywhere near the Sun, or elsewhere). These do not represent messages from the Goddess of the Universe but of the Gods and Goddesses of the Mind. Why would the universe misinform us, and in so blatantly obvious Ways? This would imply it has even less understanding of itself than we do (hardly a true God!). The Gods and Goddesses of the mind can give us useful information at times, but they represent only themselves and cannot speak for the universe.

3. Chaos Factor D. At it's most basic, the chaos factor is the element of all probabilities in any given event. In other words, in any situation, anything can happen, the focal points at which these probabilities tend towards are known as strange attractors. The chaos factor is the tendency for probabilities towards alternate realities. It interacts with these strange attractors and experienced realities are formed. From a quantum POV, we live in an indeterministic universe, one in which there are no rules, only probabilities, and these are infinite. It's this mutability that allows the universe to dream any form of reality it could wish for (given a mind to do so with). The most important chaos factor is Chaos Factor D, which is the core of the Delirium. In one sense, Chaos Factor D is the infinite core of all possible universes, the point from which they generate. In another sense, Chaos Factor D is the primal chaos that fuels the universe.

4. Resonance and recursion are the basic principles with which the universe organizes itself, given a chaos factor and a strange attractor around which to organize. Resonance is, technically, the vibration of one body in response to the vibrations of another. Similar bodies will resonate at similar frequencies. The more similar these resonant frequencies are, the most likely these bodies are to vibrate in reaction to one another. A classic example is using a tuning fork to find one of the same pitch in a room full of tuning forks. All one needs to do is strike the tuning fork with the desired frequency and all the ones in the room of the same pitch will resonate in response. Similar phenomenon occur with earthquakes.

In it's generalized form, resonance is a form of communication. It is a means by which information is passed between separated elements and it helps to keep them organized. Harmonics emerge through the complex interplay of resonant frequencies. In other words, patterns in life emerge partly through the action of resonance. The emerge partly through recursion as well. At it's simplest, recursion involves taking the output of any process and putting it back into the input. A small breeze, for example, in resonance with a larger weather system (locked in oscillation with each other) can generate a much larger effect than normal due to recursion. That small breeze, continuously re-input into the larger system can generate and control a growing mass of air in the pattern.

Recursion has been popularized through the use of fractals, since these are recursive equations. For example; draw a line and then for each line drawn thereafter add two more to for a triangle. What will emerge is something like a snowflake made up of smaller and smaller triangles. Because the same structure is being used over and over, the pattern is repeated and looks the same no matter how close or far you get from it (assuming the fractal equation generates information infinitely). Fractal functions are used by the universe to generate just about everything, from the most obvious (trees, rivers, clouds) to the least (mountains, planets).

Resonance and recursion and Ways in which the universe dances. The primal chaos is channeled through these functions and evolution has been the result. By learning to consciously use these functions ourselves, we can come in better harmony with the universe. We can eventually immerse ourselves in the primal chaos itself and experience the Delirium of the universe personally.

5. There exists within any given space certain types of anomalies or anomalous events. At the quantum level this is self-evident, practically everything to do with quantum mechanics involves an anomaly. Science does not progress by studying the ordinary, but the unusual. Anomalies are therefore vital to science and the means by which scientists make new discoveries about the universe. One of the best guides is an set of encyclopedias about anomalies written by William Corliss. In them he deals with everything from the geophysical to the mythical and rates them according to probability of reality.

In the Church, we view anomalous events as both guides to new information but also as evidence of the delirious nature of the universe. It is important to note that anomalous events occur around us with frequency and we chose to find rational explanations for them. Seeing a group of people by the side of the road who weren't there moments ago, having a friend go into the bathroom and not emerge (and meeting the next day, both with recriminations), having things oddly moved about the house etc are all examples of events we should pay close attention to. They teach us not to rationalize away the irrational, to view reality as it presents itself and to reach for new ways of experiencing it. As well, anomalies tend to run in clusters of events (when the Mojo is high) which is an important cue for action.

Pathways (in space-time) are one of the more interesting anomalies people experience. In quantum mechanics it's now recognized that elements (sub-atomic particles for example) send out probability wave fronts forward and backward in time. The resulting exchange of information tells the particles how to react. These experiments are proof of temporal translucence. We see this as evidence for alternate pathways in space-time, along with the huge amount of anecdotal evidence. Through various techniques it's possible to walk these pathways and experience different reality. The process of walking these pathways brings changes in experiential reality so it's a powerful tool.

6. There are an infinite variety of mystical and magical Ways, all of which are recognized by the Church as being potentially useful, but few of which are actively encouraged. The Church has no objections to members exploring other paths, religions, fraternities, cults or whatever. In fact, we find that following multiple Ways is in perfect accord with indulgence. In this case, we indulge ourselves in religion with no concern for the nature of each experience. These are a few of the Ways;

A. The Way of Pain; ascetics, fakirs, degraded and fearful laity. This way is of little use to the Church. Some people have learned to transmute pain into pleasure, which makes sense and is something worth exploring, but pain for it's own sake does not. This is especially true for those who feel they must suffer in this life for the next to be enjoyable. This is simply nonsense. They end of pain is pleasurable, but short lived, and any contract with a deity with specifies a life of pain is a cruel and bio-phobic one.

B. The Way of Restriction; ascetics, fakirs, priests, missionaries, popes. This way has some use in the Church. In restricting one thing we enhance the qualities of another. For example; restriction of meat in the diet is a chance to indulge in other foods, restriction of sex is a chance to indulge in the delirium of celibacy. However, imposed restriction is an artifact from the old aeon and has no place in the new aeon.

C. The Way of Power; priests, missionaries, popes. The way of power is the way of control, coercion and oppression. This is not supported in the Church, and in fact we actively fight against it. There are two main problems with this way; one is that it limits the experience of those in power and second is that it's does not allow others to indulge themselves in life. It limits experience in that the flow of patterns (social, natural, political etc) and changed to meet the demands of the powerful. Novel experience is stifled. In the second instance, those without power are effectively oppressed and as such they cannot experience life with full passion nor fully participate in the Dance.

D. The Way of Tao; taoists, Buddhists. Taoism is a way of balance, especially one in harmony with nature. It is important to balance oneself on a particular pathway, but this is transient. There is no stable harmony in nature, only constantly changing patterns. Finding Ways in which to integrate with those patterns which are important is vital to the Church, but we do not believe in a fundamental harmony in nature nor in the universe.

E. The Way of the Will; Thelemites, other ceremonial magicians. Inasmuch as we understand the concept of the True Will, we are in full accord with it's principles.

F. The Way of Oblivion; tantrics, shamen, junkies. Oblivion is the end of pain, the end of suffering. If this is by personal choice, it is supported by the Church. If we are in pain we cannot fully experience life, we cannot fully indulge ourselves in it and we cannot fully embrace the Dance. As well, the Church supports the choice of suicide and would like to see centers established with support and advocacy for those who wish to die.

G. The Way of Indulgence; tantrics, satanists, the power-elite. The Church is in full accord with the way of indulgence, as declared by Anton LaVey in 1966. We believe in indulging ourselves in life, especially pleasurable, beneficial experiences. By indulgence we emerge as more adaptable, flexible and enlightened individuals. By indulgence we immerse ourselves in the patterns of life and finally, in the Delirium itself.

7. Relationship of the individual to the Universe; The Dance. In its delirium, the universes dances, and the dance produces patterns. These patterns have evolved life, and continue to evolve it. This will not and cannot lead to a specific outcome, the dance is chaotic (there is no choreographer) and any outcome is purely conceptual. The dance is continuous, what we perceive as a finished product (human kind for example) cannot be finished until the universe itself dies.

The dance involves the union of divergent elements to produce new forms. What these new forms will be is not predetermined nor, judging from the universe's lack of concern, important. What is important is that the dance continues. Human life exists because of the dance and the dance will change it into something else. But this is only if we choose to participate, in the dance there can be no hostility; anger or fear, as these separate the individuals from each other.

One of the Ways in which this dance is performed is through sex. Sex involves the communion of multiple individuals to form a unity (however temporary). New life (differentiation) may come from this or perhaps a new state of mind. In any case, sex mirrors the universes own dance. All forms of consensual sex are strongly supported in the Church as this is a vital means of entering the delirium.

Other forms of the dance include communion with intelligent species on this planet (including silicon ones) and communion with people from other planets or dimensions. The fact that extraterrestrials exist and are visiting us is no longer disputable, the evidence is more than enough for any court or science lab. What is in dispute in their reasons for visiting. The Church is actively involved in attempts to contact extraterrestrials who wish to join in the dance.

8. We take a positive view of life, we attempt to end suffering and promote pleasure. This is based on a simple biological principle; we move away from things that are deleterious to us and towards those which we find rewarding. Even a protozoan will demonstrate this principle; it is fundamental to life. Pain is not beneficial to us except as a message to attend to the damaging source. Pleasure is beneficial to us and indicates a life-sustaining source.

9. We believe in embracing experience. Passion, indulgence, intoxication, Delirium and pleasure in all things. Experience is All. One cannot know life without experiencing it with a full embrace.

II. Aims of the Church:

1. To provide a social environment in which members can share ideas, experiments, art, rituals, and other activities.

2. To gather and provide useful information and resources to members of the Church.

3. To promote a view of the Universe which is congruent with that of the Church.

4. To effect social change in congruence with the philosophy of the Church.

5. To provide useful information to prospective members of the Church and others who share the ideas, goals and activities of the Church.

III. Activities of the Church:

1. We are an open collar church, one that promotes a D.I.Y., pragmatic approach to goals.

2. We insure that our activities are life-promoting and enhancing, rather than restrictive and antiseptic.

3. Vital to our progress is an active exploration of the nature of the Universe. We are not armchair scholars, philosophers or theorists who never apply their ideas, we actively explore ways to verify and discover efficacious technologies. We test theories in real world work as well as explore new possibilities.

5. We explore the nature of our relationship to the Universe, and the nature of consciousness and existence. From a human perspective, this is the point of the Dance.

6. Entheogens are, technically, things that give an individual the experience of God. This usually refers to intoxicants, but can include mind-brain machines and certain yogic, sufic for other methods. In the Church, Entheogens are seen as important and even necessary tools in the Dance.

7. Indulgence is a vital principle of the Church, but is considered best to be a private activity in the current political climate. Opportunities arise within Temporary Autonomous Zones (temporary free-zones in which the law is not capable of acting, re. Hakin Bey for more info) for indulgence on a large scale to occur and members can sponsor "indulgent meetings" if they choose.

8. Art, music and video are the means by which the Church chooses to express itself. Art is expression without restriction. Within art, the individual is free to explore ideas and feelings that cannot be, or are not allowed to be, expressed. Technology has allowed for a large number of powerful Ways for artistic expression. In this regard, we take a mixed and multi media approach.

9. As a church, we practice Magick. The specific form may be tantric, voudon, thelemic, gnostic, pagan or borrowed from any number of religions that practice principles of liberty and life. Magick can be defined in a number of Ways but we define it as putting oneself in a state of union with the patterns of the universe and walking the alternate pathways that present themselves. Of course, magick can occur without the conscious will of anyone, provided that the local Mojo is high enough. The Mojo itself creates a state of entry into the alternate pathways (as in the innumerable instances of time travel recorded throughout history). Magick is distinct from mysticism in that the mystic walks the pathways without conscious intent. The church practices this as well, but there is a degree of irresponsibility with it so it's not actively encouraged.

As with any church, we have rituals. Preferably, we write our own rituals but will use others as suits the occasion. In choosing other rituals, any are potentially useful but we should be careful not to invoke the shackles of the old aeon. The old aeon is the Aeon of Slavery, an extended period of time in which the majority of the populace is under the control of the power-elite. In the New Aeon, declared in April of 1904 by Aleister Crowley, we do not listen to the Gods and Goddesses of slavery, restriction, deprivation and pain. Instead, we strive for liberty in all ways of life under principles of tolerance and exploration. All rituals before April of 1904 are effectively void and quite a few after as well, since they are still influenced by the principles of the slavery aeon.

The reason we have chosen Crowley as our primary prophet of the New Aeon is simply that he's the most intelligent, erudite and articulate of those who've expounded its principles. There are others; our saints, mystics, martyrs and savants. No one has a monopoly on truths.