Note: the following is presented as a public service by the Church of Delirium, a partly conceptual but fully existential organization who's goals are variable but clearly defined.

Qualities of Evolution in the Universe

The Universe is evolving along specific lines, and this progression implies a purpose, or at least a meaningful direction. In order to explore the possibility, a number of propositions will be presented. These propositions have taken the form of simple observations about the Universe, and some conjecture in regards to what it's up to. The conjectures are, of course, the weakest links but they are vital to understanding and I've tried to keep them as close to the facts as possible.


1. The Universe is evolving more complex forms of organized matter.
a. The Universe is becoming more complex.

2. Complex forms of matter have evolved into life.
a. The Universe evolved life.
b. The Universe is evolving more complex forms of life.

3. Matter interacts in the Universe.
a. More complex forms of matter such as life, interact in the Universe in more complex ways than simpler forms of matter.
b. As life becomes more complex, it interacts in the Universe in increasingly complex ways.
c. Increasingly complex interactivity makes the Universe more complex.

4. The Universe is evolving more diverse forms of life.
a. The diversity of life is making more complex interactivity possible.
b. The interactivity is making even more diversity possible, creating a feedback loop.
c. The Universe is becoming a richer, more complex place through this diversity and interactivity.
d. Life itself is making an environment with a greater possibility for diverse and complex interactions.

5. The Universe is evolving more intelligent forms of life.
a. Intelligence is an emergent property of the Universe.
b. The Universe is becoming more intelligent.

6. With increasing intelligence comes increasing consciousness; an awareness of the environment and self.
a. The Universe is creating life with an increasing capacity for consciousness.
b. Consciousness is an emergent property of the Universe.
c. The Universe is becoming more conscious.

7. Consciousness gives life the capacity for experiencing the Universe.
a. With increasing consciousness comes an increasing capacity for experience.
b. The Universe is evolving life with an increasing capacity for experience.

8. Intelligence gives life the capacity for creating a richer environment.
a. As an environment becomes richer, it gains a greater amount of complex and diverse stimuli.
b. Increasing intelligence is making an environment with increasing possibilities for complex and diverse interactions.
c. One goal of life is to create a richer environment.

9. Life forms need to interact with the environment to survive.
a. Increasing interaction with the environment creates increasing new experiences.
b. With increasing consciousness comes an increasing need for new experiences.
c. Increasingly intelligent life forms are creating an increasingly diverse and complex environment.
d. Increasingly intelligent life forms are creating a greater possibility for new experiences.

10. The Universe is evolving life with an increasing capacity for experience.
a. The Universe is creating a greater number of experiences.
b. One function of life is to experience the Universe.
c. We should embrace new experiences.

11. The Universe has at it's heart a fundamental principle that draws unique elements together.
A Mystery.
a. At the energy level, different forms of energy are drawn together.
b. At the molecular level, different molecules are drawn together.
c. At the biological level, different species are drawn together.
d. At the intellectual level, different conscious individuals are drawn together.

12. Division and diversity (individualism) are vital to the Mystery.
a. The diversity of energy forms made possible the creation of atoms and molecules.
b. The diversity of molecules made possible the creation of life.
c. The diversity of life forms made possible the creation of consciousness.
d. We should strive for diversity.

13. The Mystery draws unique, individual elements together for the purpose of creating something new.
This is the Dance.
a. The Dance at the energy level was the creation of particles.
b. The Dance at the molecular level was the creation of life.
c. The Dance of life is the emergence of consciousness.
d. The Dance of individual consciousness is the emergence of the next stage in evolution.
e. We must join the Dance.

14. There is a continuity from the emergence of molecules to the emergence of life.
a. The forms of organization share properties at each stage, such as fractals.
b. The forms of organization are the unchanging core of the Dance.

15. There are new elements being created which means that the Dance is changing.
a. The emergence of new elements are indicators of evolution.
b. The Dance is evolving.

16. The unique elements that are drawn together must share the ability to unite with one another.
a. Not every combination of elemental energy can combine into atoms and eventually molecules.
b. Not all molecules combine to form life.
c. Not all life forms combined.
d. Only some conscious individuals will join in the Dance.

17. The Dance only occurs when the elements are right.
a. The Dance is temporally dependent.
b. When the elements are right, union will occur.
c. The elements will evolve until they are right.
d. The Dance is inevitable.

18. The emergence of consciousness has made choice possible.
a. The Dance may no longer be temporally dependent or inevitable.

19. Different experience makes each element more unique.
a. This uniqueness increases diversity.
b. Diversity is necessary to the Dance.
c. A variety of experiences makes the creation of the Dance more likely.

20. Shared experience makes union possible.
a. Union is necessary to join the Dance.
b. More experiences for each individual makes shared experience more likely.
c. A variety of experiences makes participation in the Dance more likely.

21. When elements combine into something new, the new element transforms the old elements into something like itself.
a. When the Universe created atoms and molecules, it was transformed from an field of energy into solid matter.
b. When life emerged on the Earth, it transformed the inorganic rock into an organic environment.
c. As intelligence and consciousness have emerged, we must uplift other forms of life into full consciousness.
d. Life on other planets may be trying to transform us into the next stage of evolution.

22. The Mystery is being altered as the Universe evolves.
a. When only energy existed, the Mystery only involved quantum level interactions.
b. When molecules evolved, the Mystery also included chemical reactions.
c. When life evolved, the Mystery also included organic interactions.
d. The Mystery became alive.
e. When intelligence evolved, the Mystery included intelligent interactions.
f. The Mystery is evolving, and is now conscious.

23. The Universe goes through the same set of stages to bring each new form into existence.

a. Division - Primal matter (energy, particles, atoms etc) separates. This is the first stage after creation, in which the newly created individuals more outward from the original unified mass of primal matter. In the case of the Big Bang, this is obvious. In the case of self-replicating molecules and single celled organisms, they were formed separately to start with and thus there was division among them. In the case of intelligence, we are intellectually divided from one another and our thoughts are our own.

b. Individualism - Divided individuals become specialized, unique, different from their neighbors. It appears that the new elements evolve separately from one another to some degree, such as unique molecules forming, different kinds of unicellular organisms appearing, a species being divided and the two groups evolving in different directions. With intelligence, there are divisions between individuals, but also in terms of thought (philosophies, religions, sciences) and life experiences themselves separate. As we get older, we accumulate a unique set of life experiences which divide us.

c. Diversity - The group, as a whole, becomes more diverse.

d. Union - The individuals begin combining with one another. There is a question of whether or not DNA was formed of unique species of molecules or not. For example, we know that DNA is formed of unique combinations of molecules. Should molecules be considered an entire species, or as unique groups of molecules which form separate species? Unique species of unicellular life combined to form multicellular organisms, and these later combined to form the complex kinds of life we now have. If separate species combination is the way, then human beings must unite with other intelligent species. If not, then we must unite with one another. If we are to combine in consciousness, as evolution seems to imply, then we should be considering unique species of consciousness rather than biological species. There a couple of hints as to the direction we might need to go. One of which is the formation of flocks of individuals. Birds unite into flocks and then the entire flock acts as a unit in an intelligent way (such as in feeding). This implies that human being must orchestrate themselves into purposeful groups (as in dancing, or social activism). Another possibility is in telepathy, through which we can unite in consciousness and possibly with other species as well. This may form the next stage in evolution, the evolution of a universal consciousness. The universe may be trying to "wake up" through this process.

The obvious conclusion is that these separate species must unite in some way, though the literal union that has occurred previously seems very unlikely. There is little biological possibility that separate species of complex lifeforms can literally combine with one another. It's possible that the combining process in our case means simply procreation, but again this seems unlikely. It's the combination of different species or individuals that has made unique forms of matter appear, not simple procreation. It's also unlikely that the Universe has reached the end of this evolutionary process as it still appears to be going on.

There is one unique evolutionary quality that has been increasing with the creation of life, and this is intelligence. Intelligence means two things in this case, increasing capability to interact with the environment and increasing awareness of that environment and especially of self. This is also an evolution in consciousness. Consciousness became possible with the creation of complex organisms that had nervous systems. This happened with the symbiosis of simple multicellular organisms. Consciousness has since evolved through procreation, however it's not likely this process will bring about the next stage. Each stage has previously required a combination of unique individuals, even intelligence first appeared with self replicating molecules and has simply increased with procreation. This process has brought about an increase in consciousness but it's not clear that it's brought about any unique forms of consciousness. Every attempt to differentiate ourselves psychologically with other species has failed.

The implication of examining the process of evolution is that we must unite in consciousness, in some sense, in order to form the next step in evolution. I don't know what this might be, and suspect that the only way we will know is by doing it, and becoming the next stage. It's possible that this involves not just us but other species as well. It can happen on our planet, but also possible that we must do this with other intelligent species on other planets.

e. Creation - Out of these unions, something new enters the universe.

24. Our perception of reality is dependent on our understanding of the Universe.
a. Our understanding of the Universe is changing.
b. Our reality is changing.
c. When the Universe is fully conscious, it will know reality, and it's reality will change as well.
d. The fundamental nature of reality will change.

25. The Mystery involves the union of unique elements which share properties that make such union possible.
a. At the intellectual level, the Mystery involves conscious union.
b. Union implies reaching out and touching others.
c. We cannot reach out in anger with others.
d. We cannot reach out in fear of others.
e. The Dance cannot involve anger or fear.
f. The Mystery cannot contain anger or fear.