The Reviews Are In!!!...

"With songwriting talent like this, they should hit the big time soon"
Blue Suede News, Seattle, WA

"They swing, they rock, they get an entire room on its feet"
The Province, Vancouver, BC

"This Canadian quartet knows exactly what it's doing, steering its way through rockabilly, blues, and country without ever spinning its wheels.  They are roots musicians whorefuse to be curbed by old-fashioned rules of authenticity"
Williamette Weekly, Portland OR

"Even as cities anre turning away from live music in favor of DJ's, The Bughouse Five still pack 'em in and cause a stir with their fine live show and roots rock songs."
Fast Foreward, Calgary, Alta.

"They have an ease about them as they glide from rockabilly to Blasters inspired ballads.  Butch Murphy has the best set of lungs in Canadian roots/rockabilly"
Calgary Strait, Calgary, Alta.

"For our money, The Blasters were the best roots rock band in the eighties.  It's good to see Bughouse Five pick up where the Alvin Brothers left off"
Winnipeg Sun, Winnipeg, MB

"The band is at ease with songs that range from pure rockabilly to plain blues; The lines between the songs are blurred and blended until it becomes at last just flat out rock and roll"
The Grindstone, Los Angeles, CA

"Whoa yeah!  Hang in there boys you got it goin' on."
Blues Scene Quarterly, Winnipeg, MB

"If Bughouse 5 Is going to break out to a bigger audience this is the record (Bull Mercury) that can do It. The album features the driving "Francie Nolan`s Blues",The Wilson Picket Influenced ,"Save a Soul" and the tex mex tinged "It`s Not Too Late...."
Stuart Derdyn - The Province Vancouver, BC