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Please feel free to drop me a line at webmaster@ultilingo.com and I will get right back to you.  If you wish to submit a new word or phrase for inclusion in the database, please go to the submit page of this website and use the online form.  If you wish to advertise on this page (and your business is Ultimate related) you can contact me as well at the above email address.  Thanks for your support.
       (tossing around an illegal foot block)

Selected Comments:

"I love the site. Ultimate rocks!! Keep it up."
                - Brady Strachan, Czech Republic

"I love to see this kind of thing... well done. I like the site, very easy to navigate and serves the purpose well."
                - Brett Price, Gaia Ultimate Gear

"I'm a huge U.F. fan and player, and your site is awesome, I love just browsing thru all the lingo (now I'm trying to get my Frisbee buds to use some). The site is really well organized *like that* and it helps me a lot. A big thanks from one crazy Ultimate Frisbee player to another, keep up the good work!"
                - Kimberly Collins, Denton, Texas

"The world definitely needs this website... what a great idea. Keep up the good work."
                - Brooke Ricker, Stanford, California


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