Good Night, Davie

Ralph Seland


November 11, 1999 

For many people that day is a time to honor the men who died for their country. Walk with me where the shadows are long. 

August 1996 

It was 2:30 A.M. when the phone rang. The pastor was calling, "Can you come over to the hospital immediately. We are going to have an anointing service for Davie. He had his wisdom teeth pulled..." 

....Just a minute,...things aren't adding up....I knew Davie as a strapping 18-year-old farm kid that worked and played hard. Not interested in religion,...not the kind of fellow that would request anointing after having a couple wisdom teeth pulled...
But I went. The uncontrolled flow of blood was the first indication that anyone had that Davie had leukemia -- acute leukemia. 

November 10, 1996 
Davie's 19th birthday. 

November 11, 1996 
Davie died. 

November 14, 1996  
I stood as an honor guard by a casket. 

As the young people filed up to see him in the coffin, some fell in my arms and wept, mingling their tears with mine. 

Did God answer our prayers. Did God heal my friend? Maybe not the way we had thought, but He healed his soul!! 

I saw him grow from a spiritual weakling to a young man of power. He had no question that there was a heaven waiting for him. Yes, we prayed with him at his bedside, but he also prayed for us....Prayers that seemed to lift us right to the throne of the Most High. He seemed to be seeing the King coming in His Glory. 


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