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A Tribute to the Mind, Heart and Imagination


The sky is clear, the stars are glowing and the house is quiet. You, the midnight surfer, are wide awake while the rest of the family sleep. First, you visit your favorite sites. Then, you visit your cyberfriends around the globe. There are no borders to cross, no barriers to confront. Race, gender and economic status mean nothing.

What amazing technology this internet is! It is a reflections of ourselves, a product of the minds, hearts and imaginations of millions of people from around the globe. How will mankind use it in the years to come?



Not long ago, a young man from Vancouver by the name of Terry Fox lost his leg to cancer. With the help of an artificial limb and plenty of determination, Terry embarked on a run, a Marathon of Hope across Canada to raise money for cancer research. After covering some 5,374 km, lung cancer forced him to abandon his run. Terry died in 1981 at age 23.

A few years later, a second young man from our city, named Rick Hansen, set off on a trip around the world. This wasn't an ordinary trip, as Rick was a paraplegic who was confined to a wheelchair. Rick successfully circled the globe and helped raise a great deal of money for spinal research.







The internet is a far more powerful tool than either an artificial leg or a wheelchair. How will we use it? Where will it take us? What role will it play in mankind's battle against tyranny, injustice and intolerance?

When you are using the internet tonight, think about how you can use it to make our world a better place. Remember John Lennon's song Imagine. Perhaps he really wasn't such a dreamer after all!





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