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I've been rattling my brain goo to Living Death since the release of their "Metal Revolution" album and consider myself their biggest fan. Unfortunately they remained a very elusive band and I had considerable trouble finding anything at all about them. When I finally got on the Internet I was extremely disappointed that there wasn't a single website dedicated to their name. Even the biggest metal sites, which did nothing more than casually mention them, were riddled with errors and inconsistancies. So if they can't get it right then I will. Anyways, enjoy this site.



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Vengeance of Hell
1984 Rough sounding debut
Watch Out! (EP)
1985 Fast to mid-paced aggressive power metal
Metal Revolution
1985Melodic speed metal
Back to the Weapons (EP)
1986Melodic, thrashy, their fastest
Protected from Reality
1987Fast, dark, very heavy
Live EP
1988Four live songs from Metal Revolution
Worlds Neuroses
1988Powerful techno-thrash
Killing in Action
1991Very heavy mid-paced thrash/power metal
Living Death
1994Compilation album (2CD)
Other Living Death Projects and Appearances
Mekong Delta
R. Kelch and F. Fricke were a part of
the early stages of this band
X-mas Project
Kelch, Fricke and Bergmann made
appearances in Vol. 1 of this multi-band
X-mas song compliation
Speed Kills II
1985 Comp. Lp w/Living Death, Sodom, Iron
Angel, Destructor, Razor, Whiplash, etc.
Sacred Chao (Mini EP)
1989 Ex-Living Death vocalist
Thorsten Bergmann's later band.




Rulers Must Come
From the "Metal Revolution" Album
RealAudio - 60 seconds (112K)

Hell Pike
From the "Vengeance of Hell" Album
RealAudio - 59 seconds (109K)

Sacred Chao
From the "Worlds Neuroses" Album
RealAudio - 59 seconds (109K)

The Galley
From the "Protected From Reality" Album
RealAudio - 1 min 40 seconds (187K)

From the "Killing in Action" Album
RealAudio - 60 seconds (112K)


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A FINAL DISTORTED NOTE (the end of an era)

After going through a major line-up change and releasing their final album "Killing in Action", Living Death unfortunately disbanded some time in 1991 or '92. It is not clear whether they reformed under a new name or simply ended their career, but I would like to express my thanks to the band, and all musicians who participated, for unleashing the best speed/thrash metal that ever shook this planet. Though Living Death's decade reign seems short, let its spirit live on through dedicated fans and record companies willing to reissue album releases.

This page contains about as much as I know about Living Death. I'm always looking for new info. Stuff I am especially interested in are band pictures, lyrics, unreleased or live sound samples (oh yes, the ultimate) - if any, and anything that I may have missed here. I'd be interested in any comments or questions about the band or this page.

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