These images were taken on a CG11 telescope with a Van Slykes Microslider, an Andy Saulietis colour wheel and a CB245 ccd camera. For most images, the Celestron F6.3 focal reducer was included in the optical train to increase the field of view on the ccd chip. Click on any of the thumbnail images on this page to view them at a larger size; use your browser's BACK key to return to this page after viewing the image. Some images were photographs taken with an Olympus OM-1 camera, guided by a QuickCam B/W computer camera.

Colour Images

Elusive Horsehead nebula in Orion (B33 in IC434). This is a dark gas cloud with a fortunate shape
Horsehead Thumbnail

Globular Cluster M13 in Hercules, showing the many stars.
M57 Thumbnail

Whirlpool galaxy M51, in Canes Venatici, a superposition of two galaxies that are now separated by a vast intergalactic distance in the direction of viewing. These galaxies interacted millions of years ago and the smaller one is now receding away from the larger closer galaxy
M51 Thumbnail

Blue Spiral Galaxy, NGC 3184, a less often imaged face-on spiral in Leo, prominent in the early Spring night-time sky.

Owl Nebula, M97, a large planetary nebula in Ursa Major.

Ring Nebula in Lyra, M57, showing the two central stars, and the background star behind the red outer expanding ring of gas.

Lagoon Nebula, M8, showing the "lagoon" and the prominent star cluster NGC 6530 which contains many young,very hot stars.

Monochrome Imagery

Mosaic Image of The Great Andromeda Galaxy, the nearest and largest galaxy to our own Milky Way Galaxy.
The Great Andromeda Galaxy M31

Crab nebula M1, the remnant of a supernova explosion in AD 1054
M1 Thumbnail

Spiral galaxy M88 showing the 1999 supernova explosion (guest star) marked by a box in this image.
M88 Thumbnail

Great Orion Nebula M42, showing the trapezium stars and surrounding nebulosity. Multiple short exposures and DDP processing were necessary to preserve a large dynamic range for this image
M42 Thumbnail

Broadside spiral galaxy, M101. with widely spaced arms
M101 Thumbnail

Edge-on view of a spiral galaxy, NGC4565, showing the prominent dark gas lanes.
NGC4565 Thumbnail

Edge-on view of a spiral galaxy, NGC891, also showing prominent dark gas clouds.
NGC891 Thumbnail

Edge-on view of a spiral galaxy, NGC3628., a less often imaged galaxy
NGC3628 Thumbnail

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