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This section is growing fairly quickly. If you have a Killer Deck or Combo, please tell us about it so that we can post it here and give you the credit you deserve..


THE THREE STORMS - By Stephen Biggs


DOUBLE DRAGON - By Richard Martin

PROJECT: Kill Zoo-Keeper - By Tomasi Akimeta


Play Butterfly Knights and if your opponent does not intercept, slam on the explosives at the last second and blow up his sites.

Play The Demon Within on our opponent's toughest characters to turn them into +2 Demons. Then use your Demon Hunter to take them for yourself.

Use Bull Market to give your opponent and yourself an extra 5 power. Then use Tunnel Gangers to smoke his sites since he cannot intercept them when he has three or more power in his pool.

Play Marshes as your front row sites. Then throw Motorcycles on his tough characters to prevent them from ever doing any damage to those sites.

Play Helix Chewers on an enemy character to drop his fighting down to 0. Then play on as many Helix Rethreads as you can. Smoke the character with one of yours and get a bunch of power.

Ex-Commando/Both Guns Blazing/Slo-Mo Vengeance/Pump-Action Shotgun: This one is about as obvious as they get, and really needs no explanation. The first deck I built with Flashpoint cards has been based around this combo, and while it's not the best of all possible decks I've had quite a bit of fun with it. Johnny Tso makes a half-decent substitute for the Ex-Commando in this situation, as does Serena Ku or any other character with ambush.

Monkeywrenching/Smart Missle or Sphere of Defilement: Turn their sites, do the damage. A few more along this line include:

Monkeywrenching/Gearhead + Trust Me, I've Got A Plan or The Underground + Grenade Launcher or Demolitions Expert: Turn their sites, sneak in your Gearheads, do some extra damage,then turn to polish them off

Monkeywrenching/Redglare Chapel: Once again, this is pretty obvious. You could also always use Dance of the Centipede in place of Monkeywrenching if you must.

Smart Missle/Motorcycle/Marsh: Essentially an expansion of the Marsh/Motorcyle combo. True, you could use a Grenade Launcher instead, but why risk your characters when you can blast them from afar?

Napalm Sunrise/Arcanoworms: As if Napalm Sunrise wasn't nasty enough, this will up the damage quotient even further. Add in Abysmal Daughter to make it even worse.

Turtle Island/Glimpse of the Abyss: This is essentially a Flashpoint version of the Auspicious Termites/Violet Meditation (or Pocket Demon) Combo.

Bad Colonel/Mr. Big/any soldier card(s): All your soldiers become hoods, gain +1 fighting, and do +1 damage. The only drawback to this one is that both characters in this combo are from the Ascended, who have no soldier characters. Eugene Fo will work well with this combo, and if you use some genuine hoods as well you can add in Luis Camacho as well.

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