• Individuals or couples may apply to adopt a child or children from a Ukrainian orphanage. The National Adoption Center (known on the Internet as the AC) in Kiev handles all adoption applications. Upon acceptance of the application, prospective parents are put on a waiting list before being called to Kiev to meet with the AC staff.
  • Waiting list times depend somewhat on what type of child is being seeked. Boys are generally more readily available to be adopted than girls, children over age four are more readily available to be adopted than children under age four, and children with some type of physical or mental condition are more readily available than perfectly healthy children. On average, waiting list times range from two to four months. Consider also that summer months are generally far busier than winter months at the AC. All of the above variables will determine how long candidates will be on the waiting list.
  • The Government of Ukraine's first priority with children in orphanages is to put them in families within Ukraine. Only children who are registered with the AC and children who are eligible for adoption will be considered for international adoptions. Children who are placed in orphanages must be registered at the district level for possible local adoptions.
  • After being kept at the district office for one month, the application is forwarded to the regional office of the Ministry of Education. This office has one month to find a Ukrainian adoptive family for the child.
  • If the child still has not been adopted by Ukrainian citizens, his/her application is further forwarded to the Adoption Center to be input into its database. Once a child's application reaches the Adoption Center, the Center has 12(twelve) months to find a Ukrainian family for the child. If the legal status of the child changes, the guardian authority will have to notify the Adoption Center for this change within 7 (seven) days.
  • Children who, in accordance with the list of diseases of the Ministry of Public Health Protection, are determined to be unhealthy are not subject to the 'one-plus-one-plus-twelve month' waiting period and will be available for international adoptions immediately.
  • There are no service fees at the Adoption Center for adopting a child in Ukraine. Adoptions are done independently by candidates themselves, therefore there are no Ukrainian adoption agency fees, unlike many other countries. To help you with the adoption process, you may hire a North American agency who specializes in facilitating Ukrainian adoptions, or you can hire an individual in Ukraine, called a facilitator, to assist you with all aspects of the adoption when you travel to Ukraine. Although the cost of facilitators vary, they are generally much cheaper than the fees of adoption agencies in other countries.

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