•  After registering with Adoption Services in Edmonton, prospective adoptive parents choose a local adoption agency to complete a home study and take an international adoption course. Sponsorship forms from Citizenship & Immigration Canada are filled out in advance which are then forwarded to the Canadian Embassy in Kiev. A 'dossier' of documents for the Adoption Center in Kiev (known on the internet as the AC) is collected by prospective adoptive parents which need to be notarized and translated locally, then legalized at the Ukrainian Consulate of Canada. The dossier is sent through Adoption Services in Edmonton to the Canadian Embassy in Kiev who forward it to the AC in Kiev for processing and approval. Once approved and invited to come to the AC, the prospective parents must fly to Ukraine and meet at the AC to gain permission to travel to an orphanage in Ukraine where parents choose a child available for adoption. Once a child is chosen, parents must first take the child to a doctor specified by the Canadian Embassy for a thorough checkup. The results are sent to another special doctor in Vienna who must approve them before the child will be admitted into Canada. A court hearing is held in Ukraine to legalize the adoption, after which parents return to Kiev to finalize the adoption paperwork and collect new birth certificates, travel visas, and other necessary paperwork. Parents go to the Canadian Embassy to complete the Immigration documents and return home a new family!
  • Though it seems an immense task (and in many ways it is), the adoption process can be likened to the preparations made by natural birth parents to prepare for a baby. Taken step by step, this adoption process is very managable (and well worth it).

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