Today’s Date

To Whom it May Concern:

I understand that Applicant 1 and Applicant 2 have initiated the process of adopting a child or children in Ukraine and a complete medical review is required for this purpose. They each underwent extensive testing and the following results indicate that they are both healthy. The medical testing included the following:


All of the results from these medical tests certify and confirm that there are no medical reasons which may affect Applicant 1’s ability to be an adoptive parent or to subsequently raise and care for the child or children.

Applicant 1 and Applicant 2 have a very healthy and strong relationship and in my professional opinion, I am confident that their children will grow up in a stable, nurturing, and loving home. I wish them well in their efforts and look forward to meeting the new member(s) of their family.

I, Dr. Your Doctor’s Name M.D., have examined Applicant 1 and find him/her to be in very good health.

With Best Regards,

Your Doctor’s Name M.D.




Applicant 1

The subject of this report is applying to become an adoptive parent. He/she has provided consent for the release of information. We are interested in identifying any and all medical reasons that might compromise his/her ability now, or in the future, to act as parent or provide appropriate care and parenting for adoptive children.

I, Dr. Your Doctor’s name M.D., last examined Applicant 1 on Date.


Skin – Normal

Eyes – Normal

Ears – Normal

Lumps – None

Heart - Normal

Blood Pressure – (reading) (Normal)

Abdomen and Gastrointestinal Tract – Normal

G.U. Abnormalities – None

Nervous System – Normal

Mental Status – Normal

Emotional Stability – Normal

Height – ___ cm

Endocrinopathy – Normal

Sight – Normal

Hearing – Normal

Pulse – __ per minute (Normal)

Reflexes – Normal

Urine – Normal

There are no other abnormalities or infirmities.

Applicant 1 is currently in very good health.