• Eastern European Adoption Digest (EEAD) - A fantastic mailing list that you can use to ask questions and find information on international adoptions from Eastern Europe.
  • Eastern European Adoption Coalition, Inc. - Join a mailing list specific to Ukrainian international adoption, and/or a list for Canadians adopting from Ukraine.
  • National Bank of Canada - They have a special adoption loan which can be payed back at a low interest rate over a long period of time.
  • Ukrainian Cradle Adoption Agency - An adoption agency out of Toronto specializing in facilitating Ukrainian International Adoptions. Run by Sonia Kondrat, Canada's foremost authority on Ukrainian international adoptions.
  • Adoption From Ukraine - A tremendous Internet club for information on Ukrainian international adoptions. Valuable information and practical advice from people who have gone through the adoption process. This site includes an optional mailing list to have new posts emailed to you and a live chat function. Run by Yahoo! Groups, you can even use Yahoo! Messenger to see if other club members are online! A completely free and incredibly valuable service run by Sonia Kondrat.
  • The Attachment Center at Evergreen, Colorado - Attachment disorder can be common among children in orphanages. Find information on what to look for and how to deal with a child who may have attachment issues.
  • Post Adoption Depression - Common among parents who have adopted children, this page on the EEAC website provides information on this topic.
  • Planetfone - One communication option for people once they are in Ukraine for their adoption.
  • Brama - Gateway Ukraine - An internet directory, similar to Yahoo, for Ukraine.
  • The Kiev Post - A Ukrainian newspaper written in English.
  • Cathy Harris' Home Page - Cathy Harris is an adoption 'angel' from the U.S.A. who has adopted many children from Ukraine, and has helped almost 200 families (and counting) complete an independent Ukrainian international adoption.