• A requirement for both the Alberta Govenment and Ukraine, a home study involves a qualified professional, such as a social worker, studying various aspects of the home life of prospective parents and preparing a report suggesting that their home would be a fine place to raise an adopted child or children. The adoption agency facilitates this home study by arranging for the social worker or qualified professional to meet with the prospective parents at their home on more than one occasion and interview them after an intense and in-depth series of forms and questions are filled out by the parents.
  • The social worker interviews prospective parents on aspects of the prospective parents such as:
    • personal descriptions of the character and personality
    • health history
    • education
    • employment history
    • religious beliefs
    • family history
    • current family description
    • relationship history
    • description of home and community
    • the motivation to adopt
    • a description of the child or children they would want to adopt
  • As you can see, it is a very deep process which not only helps the social worker get a sense of the type of home an adopted child or children would live in, but also helps adoptive parents examine themselves and the issues involved in raising an adoptive child.
  • Once your home study has been completed, it is send to Anne Scully, director of Adoption Services in Alberta, who must approve it. She will attach a letter to your home study when it has been approved called the "Letter of No Involvement". This letter means that you are approved to pursue your international adoption with Ukraine. Anne Scully gives two identical copies of this letter - one for you to submit with your Ukrainian dossier of documents, and the other to keep with you as you travel to Ukraine in the unlikely event that the first has been lost along the way.

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