• The Ukrainian government requires that applicants collect paperwork and documents into a dossier (pronounced DOE-see-ay). There are four dossier 'packets' of documents which must be collected
  • Each dossier document must be notarized, and each packet must be bound in its own Alberta Justice Certificate (see below and the Dossier Translation, Notarization, and Legalization page


Packet #1 - This packet contains an entire set of documents

  • ALBERTA JUSTICE CERTIFICATE - this is a certificate which certifies that the lawyer or notary public who notarized your dossier is registered with Alberta Justice and that their signature and seal is authentic. You need one certificate (the same one) for each dossier packet, and each certificate costs $10. Mary Clark is the person in charge of this service, and Marino Hidalgo is her assistant. You will need to get the wording for the certificate from Mary or Marino in advance, as you will need it translated BEFORE you actually go to Alberta Justice. With the certificate, they bind the dossier packet documents together in the top left corner with a beautiful green ribbon, and seal the edges of the ribbon on the front of the certificate with red wax. They also wax the hole in the top left. This is done to prevent any unauthorized documents from being added after the certificate is attached. Hence, the need to get the wording to your translator before the binding. The address is Bowker Building, Room 111, 9833 - 109 St., Edmonton, AB, T5K 2E8. Ph. (780) 427-5069, fax (780) 427-6821.

  • AFFIDAVIT FROM TRANSLATOR - We had our translator type and sign a letter swearing that he is a certified and accredited translator for English to Ukrainian translations, including his credentials. The AC can be very picky with translations, and we thought that this would be a good idea to include.

  • INDEX PAGE OF DOCUMENTS - This is sort of like a table of contents at the beginning of a book, only without the page numbers. It shows the exact order of the documents as they appear in the dossier. We only did an index for packet #1 (the complete dossier), as the other packets had so few documents in them. Be sure to include a Ukrainian copy of the index as well. Also, when you put your documents in the dossier, put the English complete document first, then the Ukrainian version (eg. complete approved home study, agency & social worker licenses in English, then all of it in Ukrainian).

  • APPROVAL FOR LETTER OF NO INVOLVEMENT, HOME ASSESSMENT, AGENCY & SOCIAL WORKER'S LICENSE - Anne Scully gives you TWO ORIGINAL signed copies of the 'letter of no involvement'. Include ONE with your dossier, and keep the other to take with you to Ukraine in case the other gets lost.

  • COPIES OF PASSPORT PAGES - get a very good photocopy of the pages with your personal information and picture on it. By the way, if you need a passport, you can get an application form from the post office or from an Immigration Canada office. It takes about a week to get your passport for regular service, though if you're desperate you can get a rush job in 24 or 48 hours for a higher fee.

  • COPIES OF BIRTH CERTIFICATES - Order the frame size birth certificates if you don't have one - not the wallet size.

  • COPIES OF MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE - the legal version, not the church version.

  • POLICE CLEARANCE FORMS - You require a local police security check (they have forms specific to adoption/foster cases), plus an RCMP and Interpol check. For the RCMP and Interpol check, you must first go to the RCMP to fill out a form which includes fingerprinting. You then send the form and fingerprints to the RCMP in Ottawa (Box 8885, Ottawa, ON K1G 3M8) indicating that you want an Interpol check done as well (also done in Ottawa). Send the forms with a self-addressed stamped envelope (or Xpresspost or courier envelope if you want it back sooner), and it should be back to you within about three weeks.

  • HEALTH CLEARANCE FORMS - Again, there is some debate as for what is required. Sonia Kondrat has an excellent set of forms on her Adoption From Ukraine website club, or you can use the SAMPLE FORM that we used. Basically, a good set of health clearance forms (you'll need to type them up yourself unless your agency has some which Ukraine will accept) will include a report on the physical condition, general psychological assessment, screen for drug/alcohol addiction, any major relationship problems, and things of this nature. It should also include negative test results for HIV/AIDS, Syphillis, and TB. If you're using an agency, ask the agency what types of forms and tests they require.

  • INCOME DOCUMENTS - This should include your last income statement and notice of assessment statement from Revenue Canada (for both applicants if you're married). If you do not know where your last T4 or notice of assessment is, you can go to a Revenue Canada office and they can run you off a copy. It's a rather pathetic looking copy, so to make it official have them stamp and sign it if it's not the original.

  • BANK LETTER - Ask your banker to type up a letter stating that you have various accounts, a mortgage, a credit card, and whatever other business you have at your bank. Have them word it such that you are a good customer in good standing with the bank. If possible, have them put a stamp and a signature on the letter, which should be on the bank letterhead (Ukraine loves stamps and other 'official' looking things.)

  • EMPLOYEE CERTIFICATION LETTER - A letter from your employer's company accountant or human resources person stating your work status (full-time, part-time), your yearly salary or earnings, and how long you have worked there.

  • REFERENCE LETTER - Your Alberta agency who does your home study will require a number of reference letters. It can only strengthen your dossier to include a copy of your favorite reference letter, though it is not required.

  • PETITION FOR ADOPTION - This is the formal application form for the Adoption Center. The Consulate General of Ukraine in Toronto can fax you a copy of the format of this letter, or you can use this SAMPLE ADOPTION PETITION as a guide. Have this petition form fit on one letter-sized sheet of paper.

  • COMMITTMENT LETTER - This is a letter from you, the applicant(s), swearing that you will register your child(ren) with the Ukrainian Consulate or Embassy of Canada within one month of returning to Canada, and that you will provide a report to the Consulate once per year regarding the upbringing of the child until the child is 18 years old. It should also state that you understand that the Ukrainian Consulate of Canada's representatives may visit the child or children, and that the child or children shall remain a citizen of Ukraine until his or her eighteenth birthday (Don't worry - they won't visit, and they have no rights to take your child away).

  • WHY WE WANT TO ADOPT FROM UKRAINE LETTER - Again, this can only strengthen your dossier, though it's not necessary.

  • PHOTOGRAPHS OF OUR FAMILY AND HOME - Since the AC now has a waiting list, they try to pre-select the referrals before you arrive. Providing a photo of yourself will assist them in matching a child that may 'fit in' with your family.

  • POWER OF ATTORNEY LETTER FOR FACILITATOR - stating what he/she has the right to do on your behalf (talk to your facilitator if you're using one and see what they need on the form).

More Information on Dossier Translating, Notarizing, and Legalizing