•   Since adoptions fall under provincial jurisdiction, the only role that the Canadian government plays is in the area of immigration.

Citizenship & Immigration Canada

  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada requires that prospective parents fill out the "Sponsoring a Family Class Relative" forms. The link is to the CIC website, and the form is downloadable in the Adobe Acrobat Reader format. It's a massive 48-page download, but don't worry - the forms to fill out are only about 6 pages. There is, however, a lot of work that needs to go into these forms, especially the financial information parts. Please note that these forms do not automatically grant citizenship to your yet-to-be-determined child or children; once your forms have been processed in Canada, a copy is sent to the Canadian Embassy in Kiev so they can prepare for your future arrival.
  • The cost of processing these forms is $100 per child, and they process adoption forms at their highest priority. Expect to receive notice back within 2 weeks.
  • All forms can be sent to you if you don't wish to download them. Please note that the fees receipt which accompanies your forms must be sent to you, not downloaded.


  • I suggest that you begin collecting information for these forms and filling them out early in your adoption process. Don't wait for your 'Letter of No Involvement' from Anne Scully - send the forms with a note stating that you will send or fax a copy of this letter when you receive it.
  • Where it asks for the name or names of the people you are sponsoring, put "Name not known yet". International adoptions are the only cases where CIC will allow forms to be sent without given names on them.
  • If you are trying to adopt more than one child, put all names on one form - you do not need to fill out more than one set of forms for a multiple-child adoption.

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