• The international adoption course is run by some of the adoption agencies in Alberta. If your agency does not host a course, they will arrange for you to attend another agency's course. The length, cost, and format of this course varies slightly, but a common format is for the course to take one full day and part of a second day for a price ranging from $200 - $400 per couple. Consult your agency for exact details regarding time, place, and cost, as they vary.
  • The purpose of the course is multi-fold:
    • to prepare prospective parents for the various challenges and rewards of adopting internationally
    • to provide information on how to complete the Alberta requirements of the international adoption process
    • to allow prospective parents to communicate and share with one another information they have learned, problems they have faced, and issues they have faced in their adoption journeys thus far
  • The adoption journey is not an easy one, and this course should provide the emotional and informational support to help make the journey an easier one to travel.

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