Richard Lowery's Canadian Shipbuilding
     (engineering) Highlights (1947-72)

   Mr. Lowery was a perfectionist when it came to numbers, but even he did not know exactly how many ships he designed and built.  However, his personal rough estimate was somewhere between 700 and 800,  which to his knowledge has never been surpassed by anyone.

      (  '*' denotes 'at that time'. )

 Icebreakers  x 8 : Sir John A. MacDonald (Most powerful of its type in the world*.
                                                                  Led SS Manhatten supertanker through
                                                                  the northwest passage)

                          d'Iberville (Largest in the world*. 1'st ship through
                                         the St. Lawrence Seaway with H.M. Queen Elizabeth II aboard.
                                        Circumnavigated North  America,  within 800 miles of the North Pole)

                          Montcalm (2'nd ship through  the St. Lawrence Seaway)

                          CCGS Wolfe

                          CCGS J.E. Bernier

                          CCGS Alexander Henry - For a website offering a night aboard one of
                                                                    Mr. Lowery's  icebreakers click here

 Navy x 10 :      HMCS Provider- Canadian supply vessel (replenished and
                                                            refueled the NATO fleet at sea).
                                                         (Click here for a website with a tour of the ship!)

                         HMCS Qu'Appelle -  Destroyer escort  (ABC warfare)

                         HMCS Fundy - "Bay Class" minesweeper (Launched by Dorothy
                                                          Lowery. Served as navy training vessel, Esquimalt,BC)

                         HMCS Bonaventure (HMS Powerful) - Aircraft carrier.
                                                               (Rebuilt, and added angled flight-deck with steam-

Search and
rescue x 10 :    CCGS Rally -  "Rally Class" search and rescue.

                        CCGS Alert

Tankers x 10 :   Federal Monarch  \
                                                            (Largest ever built in Canada*)
                                       Emerillon /             Papachristidis Ltd.

Lakers  x  20   : Whitefish Bay-

                          Bay St. Paul-

                                            (These ships carried over 1 million bushels of wheat per
                                             load, which equals 21 miles of railway cars!!)

Ferries x 10 :   New Grand Haven (Largest railway car ferry in the world*,
                                                         cloned in Korea)

                        MV Bluenose - Passenger car ferry (Yarmouth N.S. to Bar
                                                 Harbour, Maine. Carried 600,000 cars and 2 million
                                                 passengers for 700,000 miles, which  equals 1,400 billion
                                                 (not a typo) safe passenger-miles.
                                                 The route saved  750 miles of driving).

                        Quebec City winter and summer ferries.

Cargo x 200 :    M.V.Eskimo (1'st icebreaking cargo ship. Won the "Gold Cane"
                                               more than any other ship, and opened previously
                                               inaccessible settlements in the far North)

Tugboats x 10:  Including four ocean-going for Foundation Corporation
                           which were launched on the same day.

Shipyards x 6Mr. Lowery designed and built over a half dozen
                          shipyards throughout the world.

Lighthouses x 3: Tadoussac, Que -  Haut Fond Prince Shoals (Hourglass
                                                       design, built in Quebec City, floated to
                                                        Tadoussac. Commemorated on postage stamp).

Cyclotron :    University of British Columbia - TRIUMF  (5,600 ton magnet).
                         Worlds largest of its type.  (Click here for a website about TRIUMF)

Space  :          H.A.R.P. (High altitude research project), McGill University.
                                        Through welding, tripled the barrel length of Dr. Gerald Bull's
                                        'Space Gun' thus firing a 5 foot projectile
                                        (Martlet with telemetry) 95 miles into space. A world  record for
                                        altitude and weight. Later fired a smaller  projectile 111 miles into
                                        space which still stands as the world altitude record.

Nuclear reactor:   Containment vessel for Indian reactor (Bombay)

windtunnels  x 3 :   First ever in Canada (National Research Council)
                               Sold one to Romania.

Hydro projects   :  Built gates and penstocks (MANIC, Bersimis, Pointe des Cascades,
                              Hydro Quebec, Annapolis River N.S.,  Grant Rapids,Man., Calgary
                              Power, and Madras India).

Rail cars x1000's : Oil, wheat, etc.

& Cranes    x 10  : Opened Maracibo Bay, Venezuela to ocean-going traffic.

Chamber              :

Pipelines              :

Salvage & Repair  : Mr. Lowery salvaged and repaired thousands of ships in the
                                  four corners of the world.

Consulting             : Mr. Lowery's advice was most sought-after. Not a port in
                                 the world did not fall under his pen. In less than one day
                                 he was almost always able to solve any problem.

        Architectural concepts which he promoted and maximized:

          - Ensured the safety, welfare and comfort of the crew
          - Variable pitch propellors
          - Bulbous bows
          - Bow thrusters
          - Side thrusters
          - Self-unloading
          - Side-loading
          - Automated controls from the bridge

       Keep in mind that this is only work done in Canada. England,
    Singapore, Australia and the rest of the world is not included....

    For further research: Passage to the Sea Edgar Collard, 1991 Doubleday.
                                Tall Ships and Tankers Eileen Reid Marcil, 1997 McLelland Stewart.
                                PartnerShips to the World CSL, 1995.

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