A Brief Biography of Richard Lowery O.C. - Naval Architect

     Richard Lowery is a retired Naval Architect, Shipbuilder and Ship Operator.
He was born and educated in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England and was later trained as a Naval architect with a world-renowned Tyneside Shipbuilder. During his pupilage he won separate scholarships in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.
      He was then employed by Alfred Holt & Co., Liverpool, England, at that time the largest shipowner in the world, with several fleets comprising over 200 cargo and cargo-passenger ships operating throughout the Far East and down to Australia.
      In his last year as an apprentice Naval Architect he wrote a paper on "The Basic Design of Cargo Vessels" based on Cost Effective Parameters. This led to him being offered the position of Naval Architect and Assistant General Manager of Singapore Harbour Board with its five graving and one floating drydock and 15,000 employees. After five exciting years, Singapore fell to the Japanese.
      Fortunately, the Lowerys escaped capture, and many experiences later, they arrived in Australia, where he was employed by the Melbourne Harbour Trust for whom he built and managed shipyards.
      The war over, the Lowerys were lured to Canada where he served for 5 years as Naval Architect and Assistant General Manager of Canadian Vickers Ltd. Then for some 20 years he was Naval Architect and Senior Vice President of Canada Steamship Lines with its own five shipyards, sixty ships, The Roberval and Sagueney Railway system, Kingsway Trans-Canada trucking system, and luxury hotels (Thousand Islands Club, Manoir Richelieu and Hotel Tadoussac). Private lakes and fishing camps, grain elevators, stone quarries etc.
      In 1964 he became the only Canadian to be awarded the "Admiral Land" Gold Medal for "Outstanding Accomplishments in the Marine Field." This medal is awarded by the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, New York. He is an Honorary Vice President of that society and also of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, London.
      He was more recently created an "Officer of the Order of Canada".

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