Roo's Family

Roo's Mum PaxThis is Roo's Mum. She goes by the nickname of Pax on irc. She was born in England but has lived in Canada for many years. She loves Mickey Mouse...she's even met him in person. She has been happily married to "Mr. Pax"for almost forty years. Her cat, Muffin is a good pal too. Her dream is to win the lottery and retire! She is a loyal watcher of Days Of Our Lives...never misses an episode!

She has many friends on the of her favorite sites is the 50+HomePage. It is a beautiful Mickey Mousepage..well worth checking out! She enjoys crossword puzzles and enjoys playing games on-line with her friends.. She is very pleased to have a new son-in-law; now there is someone else in the family with an accent we can make fun of!

Grumpy"Mr.Pax" is Roo's Dad....he is fondly known as "Grumpy" in the ranks:) He enjoys the computer too..whenever Pax lets him have a chance!


This cutie is Roo's niece, Marliese, who turned four in June of 1999. She loves Barney, Winnie the Pooh, Barbie and Elmo!


Roo also has a brother, Rob, and a sister-in-law, Debbie, the proud parents of Roo's cutie pahtootie niece!