We are very honored to display these awards bestowed upon us from great sites on the web. Those of you who write homepages can appreciate all of the hard work that goes into it! Each of these awards mean a lot to us!

Paragon's Haunted Halloween

Thanks to Paragon's Haunted Hallowe'en for giving us our very first award for our Hallowe'en page we had posted for Hallowe'en 1997. We will be back with another great one next year!

Our awards for Hallowe'en 1998 can be found here.

Fat Dad Top Site

Thanks to Norm and Sheryl's Library for this one!

Heartland Home for the Holidays

Our thanks to Bob and Cheryl's Heartland Home for this award for our Christmas 1997 homepage!

Lil Sunny's

'Lil Sunny's Christmas Avenue bestowed this one upon us for our Christmas 1997 home page!

Sandy's Holiday Award

Thank you to Sandy for this special award she gave us for our Christmas 1997 home page!

Our awards for our Christmas 1998 homepage can be found here.

Eddie's Award

Thanks to Eddie's Home Page for this award!

Thanks to Grog's Place for his award!! As he says Grog is COOL. Grog is FUN .Grog is ALMIGHTY!

TomC's World

Thanks to TomC's World for this one!

Coop's Award

Hillbilly Shack

Thank you to the Hillbilly shack for this award!

Tj's Style Award

Thank you to TjStyle for this award. We appreciate it, Tj!

Our thanks again to each and every site who deemed us special enough to receive their award!