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The final countdown to ourfirst anniversary is on!!

In honor of this special occasion,Roo has made a webtribute to Worm. Please take a peek!

Roo and Worm

Roo and Worm are our nicknameson Internet Relay Chat.Wherethose names came from is rather a long story! We can be found on irc mostevenings on the Austnet network ona great channel called #Aurora.Wehave met some great folks there who we are very pleased to count as goodfriends. Come by sometime and pay us a visit!


heartRooand Worm met in January of 1996 at a great internet site called ThePen Pal Connection. Who says true love can't blossom in the net??


About Worm

Worm is from Sydney, Australia.Hefirst visited Canada in May 1996 to meet Roo. He stayed for five weeksthen went home for a few months before returning in November 1996.He lovessurfin' the net and bakes a mean Aussie Meat Pie!

If you want to learn lots aboutWorm's beautiful country click on the banner below!

Worm's Guide To The Land Down Under

About Roo

Roo is from Vancouver,BCCanada. She too enjoys the computer and is addicted to IRC and wavs.Since marrying worm her life is complete. (Awwwww...) She also loves tocook and makes some of the best fudge brownies on the planet. Her Mom goesby the nickname of Pax_ on irc and is a great friend to us both. VisitRoo's FamilyPage!

Our Marriagerose

Roo and Worm were married June 28,1997. Please visit our WeddingPage to see photos of our wedding!

We are very pleased to havewon this award from the Vancouver Province Newspaper. Theyjudged many sites in Vancouver and deemed ours a "Super Site!"


If you'd like to see someother awards that we have been given, please visit our AwardsPage!

We get our graphics from some of thebest graphics sites on the net!!  If you need some goodies foryour web page be sure to check some of them out!


Thanks for visiting our page! We changeit often so we hope you'll be back again soon! Don't forget to sign ourguestbook before you leave...we'd really appreciate it:)

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Last updated 06/13/98 or if youare an Aussie 13/06/98