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I'd like to make this page as interesting as possible..... getting away from the kangaroos and koalas that are already associated with Australia.

Australia is made up of 6 states and 2 territories. I come from the state of New South Wales, Sydney being the capital city and my home town. Sydney is famous for it's beautiful harbour, Opera House and Harbour Bridge. There is also a tunnel that runs parallel to the bridge to carry the ever increasing traffic across the harbour. Opera House Sydney
map The 6 States of Australia

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  • Queensland (QLD) Capital city Brisbane 
  • New South Wales (N.S.W) Capital city Sydney 
  • Victoria (VIC) Capital city Melbourne
  • South Australia (SA) Capital city Adelaide 
  • Western Australia (WA) Capital city Perth
  • Tasmania (TAS) Capital city Hobart
  • Territories

  • Northern Territory (NT) Capital city Darwin
  • Australian Capital Territory (A.C.T) Canberra 
  • Canberra is the nations capital

    cool links
    The Royal Flying Doctors Service is an air ambulance sevice that covers outback Australia. To find out more just click on the link opposite.
    The Royal Flying Doctor Service
    Visit the Sydney Olympics 2000 site.
    Sydney Olympics 2000
    Do you need a phone number in Australia? Here are the Australian white and yellow pages.

    You can find a business or residential number.

    Australian White Pages

    Australian Yellow Pages

    Do you want to look up a street in Australia? You can do just that if you go to the Australian street directory.
    Australian Street Directory
    New South Wales is "The Gambling State"with rugby league clubs being very popular. For a small membership fee (from $10 to $15 per year) they offer many amenities such as very good low cost meals, cheap beer and free entertainment. There are plenty of poker machines (slot machines) to play. The only day they close is Christmas day. Many of the large Sydney clubs have heated indoor pools, libraries, cinemas, and many more features, all free for their members to use. Visitors are always welcome. Click opposite to see the Balmain Tigers Rugby league Club.
    Balmain Tigers
    In the country most Aussies wear hats, the"Akubra"being the most popular. 
    Akubra Hats
    Are you interested in visiting "The Land Down Under"? 
    Traveling in OZ
    I bet you didn't know that Australia has a space program.
    Aussie Space program
    Australia is famous for it's opals. To learn more click on the opal. 
    The Macadamia Nut. You might be surprised to find out where it first came from.
    Sydney. Click to see some pictures.
    Sky Cam
    The Great Barrier Reef. Click for a live view of the reef taken by an under water camera.

    To see some nice pictures of the reef click on Aquarium Images. When there click on an image for a larger view.

    Reef Cam

    Aquarium Images

    Aussie Slang. As I am living in Canada I'm constantly being asked...."What did you say???"
    Aussie slang dictionary
    Click here to read a Sydney news paper.
    The Sydney Morning Herald
    Why not visit the "Land Down Under"and see for yourself. 
    Qantas Airlines
    Please visit Lion Prince in South Australia. He has a great page with some nice views of Adelaide. I think you will find it a very interesting page.
    Lion Prince

    Australia uses the metric system so all temperatures are measured in celsius. You can convert to fahrenheit using this converter.
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