Our Cruise to Alaska

Roo and Worm in Glacier Bay

This all started last November when Roo was unbelievably lucky enough to win a cruise for two to Alaska.  We booked it for June 27, since our wedding anniversary is June 28th.  It was fantastic!!  Wet we would like to share some of our photos and memories with you along with a bit of information about Alaska.


First of all...we really must thank CJJR FM in Vancouver, BC for giving us such a wonderful prize.

Secondly...if you are planning to take a cruise...we highly reccommend Princess Cruises.  They really were fantastic and we can only hope one day we can sail with them once again!


.After being at sea for more than a day aboard the Regal Princess, (and eating and eating and eating) on June 29 we arrived in Alaska's capital, Juneau, Alaska.

Our next port of call was Skagway.  What a quaint little town! That same afternoon we got to tour the bridge of the ship.  Too cool!

There are no photos or descriptions that could ever live up to the breathtaking beauty of Glacier Bay.  We used an entire roll of film that day alone!

The last city in Alaska we visited was Sitka.  This beautiful city used to be the most important Russian city in North America.


The ship was amazing..here are a few facts about the beautiful Regal Princess.

Here are some more photos!


Thanks so much for stopping in to hear about our trip. It was an incredible week and it was really tough to come home!  No 24 food service....nobody turning down our bed...or leaving chocolates on our pillow...the real world is hard to take after a week in heaven!

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