Consciousness, Focused Awareness and Magnetization in various Octaves

Human consciousness is much akin to the dial on your radio. Whatever range you fix it on, will tune you into a certain range of activities. Our consciousness, focused on a sphere of activities, attracts and draws forth energies from the octaves of which it is a part. This is understood by those dedicated to positive thinking in their earthly endeavors. Many religions have used mantras, decrees and prayers to heighten their attunement for this purpose. Individuals with the I AM Presence or Highself awareness, can magnetize beneficial energies and expand their auras over their environment, society and planet. The Guardians of Democracy as Warriors of Light, through what is known in the western world as their Christ self, must do their utmost to function on this basis.

Unfortunately, we have to deal with the Luciferian influences which have permeated our societies. With knowledge and forethought, these individuals are dedicated to focusing the consciousness of unaware individuals into the Luciferian octaves. This is done through music, media, movies and various art forms. All of these can be used as tools for positive or negative development on our planet. The purpose of the Luciferians is to stop the translation of this planet into higher octaves of light. Their main fear is that as a consequence, Karmic repercussions will take them to the second death. This is were their synthetic egos will return to original energies. Like cornered rats, they do their utmost to resist annihilation.

Through their focusing the consciousness of our children in the Astral octaves, they are magnetizing negative entities into the consciousness of these individuals. Compulsive destructive behaviour patterns are created to stifle the light and interfere with the full manifestation of these individuals’ highly-developed Causal bodies. The childrens’ attainments and developments from other lifetimes could speed up the process of the Luciferians’ annihilation so they work at disrupting the individual’s focus.

Before the birth of individuals, the Luciferians on the inner planes, recognize those who have highly-developed Causal bodies with strong capabilities to alter the planetary environment.. Many of their mothers are influenced for the purpose of aborting the fetuses so that they do not enter this planet’s octaves of existence to fulfill their divine plan. Others, who have been born, are traumatized at an early age, creating great difficulties in attaining proper attunement. Some are even murdered before they can start to fulfill their mission on earth.

I point out these extremely negative activities for you to realize that this is not a parlour game for your entertainment but a War. Guardians of Democracy, Warriors of the Light: there is a great level of responsibility, as well as a great opportunity for higher attainment in obstructing the Luciferians activities. Ask for assistance in developing the three dynamics of your heart. Universal Love, Universal Law and Power and Universal Knowledge are required to protect the children and their light potentials. In the process, you are uplifting your society, nation and planet and working for your Ascension.

Remember that Archangel Michael and his Angels fought a war in the heavens. If the Angelic must fight wars, do not be surprised if eventually you may also be called upon.

In dealing with humanity, our goal is not to create robot-like subservience from anyone but to stimulate inner awareness and growth in their attainments. The free will factor is of utmost importance. In the case of knowledgeable individuals dedicating themselves to the Luciferian philosophy to interfere with the Light expansion in humanity, we must do everything to counteract their activities.

As for the rest of humanity, Love them.

In the name of the almighty presence of God, the I. AM. THAT. I AM, through the grace of God, through our Holy Christ self and through the Divine plan for all mankind.

May God enlighten you always.