Representative Government in Canada Versus True Democracy

Canada’s present form of Representative Government has evolved from a founding base suited for a colony of the British Empire. Gradually, certain rights of governing have been added to the original founding principles. This has created an odd mixture of elitist rights and attitudes, blended with citizens’ rights whereby elitist manipulations are rampantly manifesting. Lacking in our process of government are the citizens’ rights of involvement in issues. This involvement is through a citizens’ functional Initiative, Referenda and Recall clauses to control our elected representatives. These representatives often represent their parties interests and their synthetic ego needs instead of the electorate’s wishes.

A further major problem is appointed Senate positions. In recent Canadian history, we’ve seen an appointment of a Senator who was under criminal investigation for past activities as an elected representative. This was strictly for the needs of those dedicated to a party and not for the citizens needs. The lifetime tenure of these appointments is demoralizing to the citizenry.

When Prime Minister Lester Pearson was in power, he once stated that there was no government process in the world where an elected Prime Minister could more easily become a dictator. Let’s review some reasons as to why he would make such a statement:

Firstly, when a party is elected under it’s leader, that person becomes the Prime Minister or Premier, depending on the jurisdiction of the election. This is for a term of up to five years or less depending on the will of the leader of the elected majority.

Secondly, the Prime Minister or Premier appoints the Cabinet at his or her discretion. These positions are also rescinded at the discretion of the leader of the elected party.

Thirdly, all the elected members must vote with the party line or risk being thrown out of their respective parties. Backbenchers must act as trained seals to receive the perks of office and support for their needs in serving their constituents, as well as future election finances.

One of the most detrimental processes instituted in our Parliament or Legislative Assemblies is the right of closure. Invoking closure during the debate of a bill, ceases all further debates and forces a vote. Since the party in power carries the majority, the outcome is inevitable. This causes the debates in our Parliament to be but a facade of Democracy since this ensures that the elected majority party can ram through any bill it wishes while in power. This is absolute power for a five year period. With centralized power in the hands of a Prime Minister or Premier, it is a five year dictatorship hidden behind a false front of Democracy.

One of the most dangerous example of closure in recent Canadian history was the creation of the secret police, C.S.I.S. Because of the process of closure, C.S.I.S. was accountable only to a Prime Minister and a Minister of Justice. In all countries who deem themselves to be Democracies, an overview committee with members of opposition parties is a must. The committee members are appointed to preside and curtail this policing organization from violating democratic rights. Canada functioned for 13 months, till the specific party in power was defeated in an election, before an overview committee was formed to supposedly report to Parliament. This secret police, without an overview committee, had been created under protest of many respectable organizations in Canada.. Today, we find that the overview committee does not give full disclosure to Parliament.

The only solution possible in a Democracy is that when closure is invoked by the ruling party, the bill before the House must go to a Referenda process for the citizens to decide. As to the non-compliance of the overview committee in giving full information, the process of Recall must be activated against the persons interfering with the democratic rights of the citizens.

Another outstanding situation found in Hansards was in relation to finance and budgetary bills. A study was made by a group under the Honourable Member David Kilgour. They found that for a period of 15 years after 1967, approximately $600 billion worth of budgetary and finance bills had been debated by all parties in the House of Commons. They were only able to find a deletion of $1000 due to the process of closure being invoked and bills being rammed through. What a waste of time and money plus the arrogant violation of democratic principles.

In another quotation from Hansards, a member stated that closure had been invoked 21 or 22 times in the previous sitting with the costs amounting to more than $100 billion on the backs of Canadian taxpayers. Again, we see the arrogance of politicians, the waste of taxpayers funds and demoralization of our citizens. This research is pre-1985. We can’t even begin to guess as to the costs of the later abuses of power by our representatives who don’t represent us but strictly their own parties.

Through closure and crown immunity, a further cesspool of corruption are the Crown Corporations and their lack of accountability to government. In my research, I have found that elected members of the House of Commons were shocked to find that they had no power to inquire about the finances of the C.N.R.. In one specific instance, they were told by the president of the C.N.R., that it was none of their business.

In the early 1980’s, Members of Parliament were wanting to know how many Crown Corporations were in operation in Canada. The numbers stated over a two year period varied from 300 to 600. The terrible fact is that no one knew. Eventually, the number settled at 325 although various Crown Corporations had subsidiary companies. Some had as many as 57 subsidiaries.

When a Crown Corporation created a subsidiary company, it needed only three members of the board to create it. This creation was accomplished without Parliament’s knowledge or involvement. There are cases of a single Crown Corporation requesting $500 million at one time from Parliament to keep operating.

The hard fact is that, due to Crown immunity, Crown Corporations are only accountable to a Minister in Cabinet. In many instances, when a Crown Corporation had been in extreme violation of it’s charter, the presiding party of the day would state that the offense was due to a cabinet decision and not a minister’s decision. Therefore, they resisted having the whole cabinet resign. Thus, absolving the Cabinet Minister from any responsibility, no one resigned over the offending matter and ended with no accountability to citizens.

Today, we are inundated with the media and politicians telling us that the National Debt is caused by social safety nets such as health care, pensions, welfare and education. Only lately, have we come to realize how much the media, which should stimulate accountability in any democracy, has been perverted by the elitist pressures placed upon them to the detriment of the citizens. Not one major newspaper or media outlet has shown the true reason for the National Debt for at least the last 20 years.

When we consider the National Debt crisis and the debt burden placed on the backs of the general citizenry, any honest individual must realize the need for an expanded Recall clause. Such a clause was found in the Impeachment process in Britain where, if one was found guilty, they would never be able to serve in any government capacity for the rest of their life.

There is an old French saying that Fear can create the seed of Caution and perhaps the start of Wisdom. Unfortunately, too many of our elected officials and unelected bureaucrats have no fear of nor respect for the citizenry. They function to the detriment of those who bear the cost. This is the Luciferian process at work.

Guardians of Democracy, Warriors of the Light: Dare to stand against these repugnant activities that are destroying the potential of our country, the morale of our citizens, stifling and perverting the inner light of our present and future citizenry. Ask for inspiration for your activities in support of a true Democracy from our brothers and sisters in higher octaves of existence and act accordingly.