Spirituality and Governmental Processes

Many fear the mixture of politics and religion and rightfully so. But to throw out spirituality because of religious fanaticism is akin to throwing out the baby with the bath water. Fanaticism is a disease, a fixation without control. In contrast, dedication always has the open process of evaluation and free will activity which is found in true spirituality.

Life and society without a spiritual base is much like a sea-going vessel with a Captain who believes only in what is visible above the surface of water. Amongst icebergs or near a coastline, the end result can only be catastrophic. The Humanists are also not immune to the level of consciousness known as fanaticism. Humanity must reach out beyond the three dimensional visibility or it will be forever repeating the same mistakes and never experiencing the freedom in the light.

Here are a couple of examples for the humanistic, intelligentsia to contemplate:

An interesting book called, The Soul of the Universe and written by Gustav Stromberg, a former director of the Palomar institute, expressed his awareness in identities in different octaves of existence. Albert Einstein also added some remarks to the book. Octaves of existence are present much like octaves in sound which are often not picked up by the usual senses of unaware humanity. Carl Jung, in his studies of humanity and psychology, made an interesting response in a filmed interview in 1952. When asked if he believed in God, he stated no. After a prolonged pause, he stated he knew there was a God.

Knowing is very different than believing. It is through contact with the Highself or I AM Presence that this knowing is found.

To all who wish to contribute to society in various fields, I suggest that you reach out to beings in the Etheric octaves. Be careful of the Astral octaves which harbours what has been called hell. Though there is a reflection of the beauty at the higher Astral level, the lower aspect will attempt to enslave the uninitiated. A false hierarchy represents itself as doing good but it will not stimulate you to your Christ consciousness. Reach up to the Etheric through only what is known as the Christ Consciousness in our language (or the Tao as depicted in another society and language) for your assistance.

Guardians of Democracy and Warriors of the Light, we have a tremendous chore in assisting to uplift the vibrations of the planet which can result in the greatest opportunity for our inner growth.

The Council of Nicaea was responsible for making people believe that the Christ would return after a time span. In reality, the Universal and Eternal Christ has always been here and is present now. Don’t be limited by what was written with some intent to control humanity for other than spiritual reasons.

Through your request and sincerity, the doorway to your heart chakra, the Freedom Flame, will be expanded and the reality of the Christ activity made stronger in your life. All of Life in the Light is One for those who elect to work in and for the Light of God.

This opportunity is open to all, regardless of race, nationality, gender or religious belief. Only the Luciferian consciousness attempts to keep the light bearers of the earth separated through prejudicial fixations.