Republic Vs Monarchy

In a country with the developed communication links and education as found in the industrialized nations, a God-oriented Republic has great advantages. History repeatedly shows us that when power to rule a country is in the hands of one individual, or placed in a small group, it is terribly easy for Luciferians and their underlings to manipulate government processes and societies for their purpose. This may easily be done through fear, through the threat of assassination, or playing on the synthetic egos and lust for power. Under monarchies and serfdom, misery has been the rule. The manipulations of a supposed elite have taken their countries to the state they are in now, and it has not been beneficial for all their citizens.

If we review the present danger of debt serfdom in Canada and other countries, monarchy has been in the forefront in instituting the process of perpetual debt on the citizens. This perpetual debt has been to the detriment of the taxpayers. This process started with Charles the II and the Mint Act, and his loss of rights in controlling the issuance of England’s currency. It continued on to William the III and his Queen, who were instrumental in the creation of the Bank of England and the process of perpetual debt for the citizens.

Later we see George the III imposing this Banking and currency issuing process on a thriving colony in North America. In the process, he caused a depression which resulted in a revolution.

The Boston Tea party was just the result of the frustrations of a unjustly impoverished people who knew it wasn’t necessary. They understood the difference of issuing debt free currency from the treasury to the government, as opposed to issuing the national currency as a debt through a private banking process at compound interest. This was due to the fact that the English colonies in America had used debt free colonial script and had experienced a thriving economy under this process.

In Canada, Prime Minister Mackenzie King, during the pre-1937 elections, promised to evolve the Bank of Canada for the benefit of the citizens. Unfortunately, after the 1937 election, those election promises were only partially fulfilled. On buying back the original 100,000 (A) shares issued in the 1934 creation of the Bank of Canada, he replaced it with 102,000 (B) shares. Why, the extra 2,000 shares? Who owns them?. To this date these questions remain unanswered.

When Mackenzie King was approached by a delegation from Australia a few years later, and asked why he hadn’t fully fulfilled his enlightened election promise of debt-free money, he stated that he had done all that he could.

At that time there was only one power base that could have stopped him. This power was the Monarchy of England, through the Governor General.

The hopes of the Monarchists who believe that Royalty will somehow solve the banking and currency issuing problem is terribly naive. I find that Monarchies were actively involved in creating this system. In a time past, when communication was much slower and the masses were uneducated, a strong central figure which was denoted as a God King was perhaps beneficial. But history does not prove this to have been a very successful process for all the citizens.

I often wonder if those naive individuals entertain the ideas of functioning under a pre-Magna Carta process of government with le Droit du Seigneur on wedding nights for good measure. Is this really a positive step? Do they truly want to be petitioning nobility, on bended knees, for what is rightfully theirs in a Democratic society?

All the rights gained for citizen representation have been created in spite of Monarchies wishes. Often, with a great deal of bloodshed and misery, by our predecessors. The Monarchy in England has not become extremely wealthy through grazing sheep on their lands but through their share in the banking system which is destroying our middle class and our social net. Inevitably they are causing tremendous unemployment and creating an anxious class of citizens, even if they are employed.

Canada should follow the example of Australia and become a Republic. With the powers of functional Initiatives, Binding Referenda and Recall, as protective measures against the Luciferian control in government. One of the clichés used to discourage the concept of citizens involvement in government, through the processes of Initiatives, Referenda and Recall, is the cost.

In Canada we had the failure of two western banks in the mid 1980s. The taxpayers were made to bear the cost of these failures. Worldwide, no failing bank has been covered by taxpayers money in the past. Banks always bail out their own. Through our lack of control over our governmental decision, it cost us $3.3 Billion. This one fiasco, if stopped, could have financed Direct Democracy for many years.

There are many other cases such as the Petrofina deal, which cost the taxpayers over $1.7 Billion. This was accomplished through financing, borrowed at 21% and 22% interest, in the early 1980’s, for assets valued at $250 million. Because of misrepresentation, two years later our members of parliament learnt that the heart of the deal, the refinery, had been withdrawn from the purchase package.

Also, the corporate tax writeoff, called the little Egypt tax bump as used in the Dome fiasco in oil exploration and mining, avoided $1 Billion in back tax payments. The outrageous tax benefits given to corporations and many of these types of abuses, on the backs of Canadian taxpayers, could be stopped at tremendous savings to our country.

Let’s be very clear about the fact that Initiatives, Referenda and Recall, would be the best financial investment this country could ever have.

Guardians of Democracy, throw off the shackles of debt serfdom and take up the challenge. Dare to create a country free from International Banking control, as an example for the world. Canada has unbelievable potentials, if we are mature and courageous enough to rule ourselves.