Seedlings of Gods

As Jesus said, "Know ye not that ye are Gods". Your inner light, the I AM Presence, is a monad of divine light given to you by your creator, for your future attainment and contact point with your creator.

Many in our societies have very little sense of contact with their I AM Presence, through influences of our humanistic society, as well as their past negative activities in violation of Universal Laws.

To the activists for the uplifting of this planet into light, I would like to suggest an exercise in consciousness.

Step 1) Love God.

Step 2) Love your I AM Presence, your seed of divine light.

Step 3) Love the I AM Presence, the seed of divine light in all individuals you meet.

This activity will cause various responses in those you meet throughout the day. Sadly enough, those who through freewill have chosen the Luciferian consciousness for material gain, or those who are too heavily open to entity control from the astral, likely will respond in a negative way. This will greatly heighten your awareness about where people around you are coming from. The main thing is that this will help people who are unaware of their Highself to make contact with their I AM Presence.

I also do suggest that, before activating on this level, you ask for protection from Archangel Michael and Victory. If you have a good attunement with an ascended being, such as Jesus, ask them for protection.

Beings from Etheric octaves rarely come unless they are asked, for this is part of the law of octaves. On the opposite spectrum, entities from the lower astral tend to sneak in and possess individuals, through the erroneous opening of chakras when one is in severe violation of Universal Laws.

To all who are meant to work on this level, do not be naive, for this planet has a great deal of negativity on it. In Revelations, Archangel Michael states after the battle in the heavens with the fallen angels," Woe to mankind, for the fallen ones have gone amongst you". As Guardians of Democracy who are dedicated in seeing the higher light of humanity function in society, you will be in conflict with the Luciferian expression in humanity. You will be making your stand against their manipulative policies that are stifling to those dedicated to light activities.

Dare to become Warriors of the Light. In many writings we are called children of God, sons and daughters of God. Realize that we are to become like our parent, we are that species. Our inner heart flame is a seedling of God. We are in the stage of becoming Gods, through the potential given to us by our creator and our freewill activities. The "I AM THAT I AM".

Many wonder why there can be a resistance to this development in creation.

When Lucifer and the fallen angels rebelled against the creator, they started to create a synthetic ego as a result of their rebellion, as opposed to staying aligned to Universal Law and their I AM Presence. The synthetic ego has been projected on humanity in many active ways to stop their light activities.

When light bearers are in action, this uplifts the light on the planet. All those who are close to the light, experience near instant karmic reaction to their erroneous activities. Those who are steeped in the synthetic ego take longer to feel the reaction of negative karma.

When a light bearer strengthens the light on the planet, it speeds up karmic repercussions on those dedicated to the Luciferian synthetic ego, which they fear and try to stop at all cost.

Be strong, but not naive.