The Divine Seed Light and the Aura

Our link and alignment to the Divine Seed Light is at the heart centre or chakra. This seed is meant to be expanded through meditation, mantras, prayers, decrees, rightful actions or exercises. By our alignment to what we, in the Western world, have called the Christ and incorporated with our actions, there is a creation of the causal body. Each attainment and mastery in different spheres of activity becomes incorporated with our Highself, the I AM Presence. This is also known as "The I AM THAT I AM", our seed core. These attainments are from many lifetimes of activity and the result of what is called good Karma.

As this heart activity is expanded , it is representative of three dynamics. One is called Universal Love, the second is Universal Law and Power, the third is Universal Knowledge. These three dynamics are symbolized by the Fleur de Lys, which is found in the boyscouts badge and various flags around the world. This is the Freedom Flame of each individual.

These three dynamics expanded to fruition, activate the Ascension process, which was demonstrated on Bethany hill by Jesus in his mission. This has happened in other societies, to other individuals, for it is the potential of all humanity who desire to be aligned with the creator, known as God in our language.

From this comes the awareness that, through our seed light, we are all born equal in the spirit. Where inequality appears on this plane of existence, it is due to the attainments of different lifetimes and the process of freewill choices in our activities.

Karma is but a process of Cause and Effect at work in our lives. Good Karma aligned to Universal law creates the Causal body. Negative choices creates negative Karma which must be faced and often spans other lifetimes. This activates tough Love on a Universal level.

Prior to birth in the spirit, we have chosen to reincarnate in specific areas to balance our past activities. Hopefully we learn new levels of mastery, expand our inner Light, attain our Ascension, and become a purified co-creator with God. This is the true purpose of life.

When a teacher, like Jesus the Christ, stated I AM the Light of the World, his aura was expanded over the planet. For most humans, our auras expand over a three foot radius around our bodies. Through the testing and trials we choose, success expands the aura as the chakras are opened gradually.

To all who are dedicated to expressing higher light, we experience a heightened level of consciousness and energy for a limited time span. The energy is then challenged and we are tested on our capacity to hold the heightened consciousness. If we are not successful, the chakra goes back to the original opening level till the next test.

Certain individuals wish to experience this heightened effect through artificial means such as by taking drugs. This has inherent dangers for their chakras are ripped open and there is no mastery to control what will come through those chakras later on.

There are various octaves of existence from which individuals may align to, some positive and others negative. The alignment is due to where you place your consciousness, be it anger, hate, sexual perversions, or love and higher principles and activities in life.

In the humanistic field of psychology, without awareness of identities in other planes (such as the Astral plane), psychologists will never understand what is coming through serial murderers and other extremely negative compulsory behaviours in humanity.

It is a tragedy of immense proportion to be drugging children over a lengthy period of time with drugs such as Ritalin, for this leaves their chakras ripped wide open with disastrous results.

There are many religions created through various interpretations of what a teacher has said. We may have chosen to incarnate, in a certain religious environment to learn a specific lesson, or to balance Karma with certain individuals we knew in other lifetimes.

A specific religion is but a stepping stone in a lifetime, for it is more the sincerity and dedication of the individual which creates the level of attainment than the religion. The seed light of divinity is to be found in all children, regardless of colour, nationality, gender or religion.

With the lack of knowledge of Karma and Reincarnation, often comes a level of self-pity in our live’s roles. For we do not realize that we’ve earned and chosen these existing positions, due to much of our activities in the past. Nor do we realize that we shall have to face what we put out now, in the future. This is one of the tragic consequences of what was created at the council of Nicaea, by deleting the concept of reincarnation.

Since this book is about Democracy as a spiritual activity, realize that with the proper alignment you can achieve a great deal on a personal level by the use of Universal Law and Universal Love if you work for humanity as a Guardian of Democracy.

Dedicate yourself to Archangel Michael and Victory for they are here to uplift a minute planet in this corner of the cosmos. It is decreed we shall win.

To your soul impulse and the central sun,

align yourself child of the one,

With your spiritual heart and enlightened mind,

we need your momentums for mankind.

Through your glowing hearts and golden minds,

this planet called Terra, shall be realigned.

By your ascension momentums, felt close and far,

till she’s cosmically known as "Freedom Star".


Welcome Home, Warriors of the Light.