A Mystical view of Democracy

Very little is written about the spiritual background and need for Democracy. Let’s review the process of Democracy in ancient Greece. We find that a great influence was projected on the population by the Mystery schools. These schools taught students from far and wide about the inner mysteries of the Highself. In their attempt to stimulate the inner light of the citizens, the concepts of Democracy were strengthened. When the temple of Apollo at Delphi was destroyed by fire in 548 BC, it’s construction was financed by not only Greek cities, but by King Creosus of Lydia and the Pharaoh Amasis, who each sent vast sums of money. The schools were held in high esteem by areas far outside Greece.

The teachings of Delphi played an important role in political decisions, in the founding of new states, municipal constitutions and conduct of war. It was the Pythia (the priestess of Apollo at Delphi) who selected, from the list of 100 names of traditional Attic heroes, the ten nominated as Progenitors of the ten Phylae (tribes). One of those selected was Cleisthenes, founder of Athenian democracy. All nominees were aware of the teachings at Delphi.

In 600 BC Lycurgus, a Spartan reformer, went to Delphi for approval of the legislation he initiated. Both Solon of Athens, and Lycurgus of Sparta, instituted measures to counteract the financial controls over their respective cities by the Babylonian banking community They changed the ratios of silver to gold from that established throughout the Persian Empire. As a result, their currency stayed at home and stimulated their industries. The Athenian nobility, which had the power of currency issuance, under the control of the Babylonian banking community were stopped from issuing currency. From then on, the city states issued their own currency. Solon and Lycurgus threw off the debt burden imposed by the Persians. As a consequence, their city states became dynamic forces in the area.

As inevitably happens to any influential power structure in societies the opposition, known mystically as the Luciferians, infiltrate. In any such structure, they focus on manipulation and dilute the purity of consciousness to destroy the light activity manifesting. These wolves in sheep’s clothing have repeatedly altered the message and purpose of Mystery schools and other spiritual movements throughout history. The Delphic and Samothracian Mystery schools were at a later date so affected.

The humanist philosophy in mankind, out of arrogance and lack of knowledge, condescendingly looks down on the people who studied and were aware that contact with highly developed beings in higher octaves of existence could be achieved. Remember that most of the great Greek philosophers were initiates of the Mystery school at Delphi, and later at the isle of Samos. Aeschylus, the Greek dramatist, who is regarded as the founder of the Greek tragic dramas, was an initiate of the Delphic Mystery School.

At that time, if any initiate or individual ridiculed or divulged too much of the teachings of the school, they were subject to the death penalty. Aeschylus was warned about doing so in his plays. Interestingly, this individual who was recognized for his high achievements in drama, asked that his headstone be inscribed with these words, "I fought at Marathon". This person, with great awareness of human psychology, understood that to have defended Athenian Democracy against Persian autocratic rule and financial enslavement, was to defend the higher light potential in humanity.

The Mystery schools taught the concept of the universal and eternal Christos 600 years before the birth of Jesus the Christ. The Christ was never a family name but a development for contact with the Highself and creator, the highest potential given to mankind. This concept was also taught in other Mystery schools in other areas, such as China and India. In other languages, they used other names to denote this development, for example the Tao and the Christ are the same thing. I have the greatest respect for what Jesus did in his mission on earth, but I’m greatly concerned as to what happened at the Council of Nicaea 300 years after Jesus’ ascension to a higher octave.

Emperor Constantine financed the compiling of a portion of writings about Jesus’ mission, (written from 30 to over 100 years after Jesus’ ascension) but his aims were not strictly spiritual. He was attempting to strengthen the fabric of the Roman Empire which was in danger of unraveling. Anyone studying the writings of the Apostle Thomas, which were not included in the Bible, were persecuted. The tragedy is that parts of Jesus’ mission were undermined. The Apostles understood the concept of reincarnation. They also understood that the Christ was a development and not the name of one person. They knew that the principle of ascension was God’s gift to humanity and the true goal of life. With these omissions, there was the strengthening of total elitist control by Rulers. This created a lack of awareness of the inner light in all humanity and it’s higher potentials. Subsequently, this lack of awareness contributed to the dark ages experienced in Europe.

The fundamentalists, through their interpretations of the Bible, believe that Democracy is not a spiritual principle. Remember that evaluation and freewill choice are gifts from your creator to you. You have the capacity to be able to choose, whether to move with the Luciferian impulse or with Archangel Michael, your Holy Christ self and God. Your ability to choose is one of the greatest gifts given to humanity. Through your choices and dedication, the Christ development is attained. This is the highest level of Democracy when you choose to be one of the elect. This principle is meant to be a part of all societies. Our inner light was never meant to be manipulated by self-appointed elite who have little or no respect for humanity.

In Revelations, it is stated that Archangel Michael is the Defender of the Woman clothed in the Sun and the Divine Manchild. As Guardians of Democracy, you will be working with Archangel Michael against the manipulative forces of the Luciferian consciousness which is attempting to destroy the inner Divine seed light in the Children of Mankind. As it is noted in Revelations, there was a war in the heavens. Do not be surprised if those who stand for this Divine Seed Light in humanity, must sometimes function as warriors. When the manipulators of humanity are destructive, we are remiss in our duties if we do not draw a line in the sand and fight for what is right.