Holmsen Forestry Ltd.

540 Shannon Way, Delta, B.C. Canada V4M 2W5
Telephone: (604)943-7784 or kholmsen@direct.ca

Holmsen Forestry Ltd. was established in 1976. We have conducted or participated in numerous projects within North America, as well as projects in more than 20 countries overseas. These projects have been direct contracts with clients in the industry, legal and accounting professionals, provincial or federal governments; various international funding agencies, or under subcontract to other forestry engineering firms.

Who we are:  
The principal of Holmsen Forestry Ltd., Karsten Holmsen, started his forestry education and practical experience in Scandinavia in 1954. After emigrating to Canada in 1958 and earning a Bachelor of science degree in Forestry (B.S.F.) from the University of British Columbia in 1961, he accumulated an additional thirteen years of forestry experience, several in senior forest industry positions in western Canada. After two years as project manager of a forestry operation in Kenya, East Africa, he returned to British Columbia and formed his own consulting firm in 1976. Holmsen completed a Diploma Program in Administration for Foresters and Engineers at the University of British Columbia in 1982.   While projects are primarily undertaken on an individual basis, other professionals and technicians are engaged as sub-contractors as required for specific projects. Holmsen Forestry Ltd. is closely associated with Juan A. Tarbes., Forest Engineer, M.A., educated at forestry faculties in Chile, Venezuela, Germany, and the U.S.A., consulting from his headquarters in Los Angeles, Chile.   The background and nature of Holmsen's and Tarbes' experience has provided wide exposure to, and familiarity with, a variety of forestry practices, timber harvesting methods and equipment, as well as timber processing applied to management and operatio ns in tropical and temperate forest regions.  

Sitka - SpruceWhat we do:

  • Integrated resources planning, evaluation and appraisals
  • Timberland valuation and marketing
  • Forest management, forest harvesting, engineering and development
  • Logging systems, equipment selection and procurement
  • International forestry, forest industries, plantations and indigenous forest inventories and management, agroforestry
  • Contract services in thinning, pruning, plantation, weed control, and fertilization (international only)
  • Special projects, research, training and education

Forestry Investment Opportunities

  • We can currently offer for sale many large pine plantations in southern Brazil. These plantations range in size from less than 1,000 ha to over 30,000 ha, totaling more than 140,000 ha. Joint venture opportunities with well established forest companies can also be arranged
  • Timberland properties, and joint venture opportunities, are also offered in Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea.
  • Please contact us for details.

Membership in Professional Societies:  

  • Association of British Columbia Professional Foresters
    Registered Professional Forester (R.P.F. #509)
  • International Society of Tropical Foresters
  • Canadian Institute of Forestry
  • The Forest Alliance of British Columbia

Officers and Associates:

  • Karsten Holmsen, R.P.F., Dipl. Admin., President
  • Jean Holmsen, B.A., Secretary/Treasurer
  • Chilean associate: Juan A. Tarbes, M.A., Los Angeles, Chile
  • Brazilian associate company: Imexplan ltda., Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil
  • Associated consultants and specialists engaged as required

540 Shannon Way, Delta, B.C. Canada V4M 2W5
Telephone: (604)943-7784, Email: kholmsen@direct.ca