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Brake System

A work in progress, describing the various brake parts and their operation. Some common brake symptoms and their possible causes, some maintenance thoughts, some horror stories, some related stuff that wound up there. . .

Cooling System

More than you ever wanted to know about radiators, water pumps, thermostats, heaters, hoses, coolant, dead dogs, disappearing coolant, thermodynamics, flow, boiling, freezing.

Dead CAR

A kind of decision tree to get you started when all you know for sure is, "Daddy, my car DIED!"

Electrical Troubleshooting

Probably the most important skill you will need to acquire in order to diagnose and repair your car. The vast majority of car problems are electrical in nature. Understanding a few simple rules and relationships about electricity, and learning a few simple tests will enable you to troubleshoot many electrical problems.

Starting System

Simple starter wiring and components explained. Common problems diagnosed and simple tests for components.

Lighting System

Mostly, some of the simplest systems on the car. Also some of the strangest. Some common problems addressed.


This is the most important page on the site. Please read it carefully BEFORE you work on your car. It tries to mention as many of the hazards as possible, but mainly concentrates on common sense attitudes and precautions.

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