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Some of my favorite links:

Here are links to some sites that I have come across during my wanderings through the Web. I think they're all great, for one reason or another. I don't get to visit all of them very often, so if one of these links should stop working, please let me know.

You may notice a lack of links to automotive sites, that's not because there aren't a lot of sites out there, it's because most of them are either totally commercial, or total crap (or both). We take a slightly different approach to our commercialism. We ask for voluntary donations. If you've had fun here, or maybe learned something, please feel free to drop by the "Contribute" page and make a donation, in any amount you feel comfortable with. We'll all appreciate it.

We answer all questions to the best of our ability, but due to time constraints, sometimes it takes a day or two to get the answer out. If you know of another site that is truly helpful to the do it yourself auto mechanic, or of ANY site that actually answers automotive questions for free, please let me know about it and I will be happy to put up a link.

Site Description

My Favorite Search Engine

Tired of the crap that some of the search engines return on your searches? Can't find what you want in Yahoo? These guys have figured out how a meta-search engine is supposed to work. Try it, you'll like it. Voted best meta-search engine on the net.

The Dilbert Zone

Admittedly an acquired taste, but addictive once you get hooked.

10w40 dot com

After all these years, I'd about given up on ever finding an automotive site that I could link to. Most of the ones I've had recommended to me were either so blatantly commercial that I left quickly, or so full of bad information that they were worthless. This site is certainly worth a look.

Self Discovery Workshop -- IQ Test

Think you're pretty smart? Take a few minutes to take this test and find out for sure.

Mensa International

If you liked the test above, these folks have one that will blow you away!

Best of RHF

More jokes and funny stories than you could ever read. Guaranteed to cheer you up. Some I've stolen for my fun page.


Professional photography, website design, and an independent movie, These folks do it ALL, and they do it really well. Be sure to check out the movie trailer, it's a gas...

Mom & Dad say I'm related to these folks, so I guess I owe them a link, although their website is pretty pathetic. They do, however, make the toughest farm implements in the world. If you're a farmer and you keep breaking stuff, go see them. Don't tell them I sent you.

USGS Earthquake site

Your tax dollars at work, check up on the latest earthquakes in the SW United States, or around the world with the handy links. Altogether a great site.

My favorite buy/sell site

These guys are the best. I know, I know, but what about ebay? ebay isn't even in the same league as craigslist. First of all, there are no listing fees, every site is local content, there are jobs, free stuff, services, and THERE ARE NO LISTING FEES!

Funny Email-Pass It On

This is the funniest email I've received in a while. I think it's a W*ndoze Media File.

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