I've been operating this site for quite a while (for years, in fact), and helped a TON of people with their car problems. A friend saw the site for the first time the other day, and said, "You should CHARGE people for your help!" "Everyone else does, and their advice is mostly crap." I thought it over, and while I agree with his basic premise, I can't just start demanding cash before I answer a question, that just goes against my nature. At the same time, it seems appropriate that I make it as easy as I possibly can for someone to make a donation, should they feel so inclined. I know in my heart that when I answer a question about a Lexus, the owner could certainly afford the price of a box of doughnuts or a bottle of nice wine...
You're welcome to make a donation by clicking on the donation button at the bottom of this page. This button will connect you to, where you can safely send money (using your major credit card) to anyone with an E-mail address. By the way, even if you're too cheap or broke to make a donation, I'll still do my best to answer your question.

Of course, you don't need to ask a question to make a donation. If you have enjoyed your visit to Aardvark Otto's, please feel free to drop off a gratuity commensurate with your enjoyment or with your enlightenment. If I've already helped you out, and the guilt is keeping you awake at night, you're certainly welcome to drop off a gratuity to say "Thanks for the help." God knows that neither the price of Aardvark Chow or the price of doughnuts has gone down lately...

All donations over and above the costs of maintaining Aardvark Otto's (In the unlikely event there ever IS any), will be donated to the Salvation Army.

Click the button below
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Otto and the whole gang of us
at Aardvark Automotive.

Thanks for reading,

Ken :o)

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