VINYL VAL --   In The Spotlight     --UNPLUGGED and UNCUT


    Vinyl Val, or just Val to her close friends, has been around

the rink a few times!   Her initiation into Ladies Ringette was

in the Spring of 2000 at the BC Millennium Ladies Ringette Tourney.

   There she was sportingly dressed in a Tourney T shirt, 1 knee pad,

and some reeeeeally old skates.   She was given a name-and given away as

the tourney's Booby Prize- to the Nanaimo Shooting stars, thus beginning

her career as a Shooting Star.  Val now tours the Tourney circuit, signing

sticks, flirting with Zambone drivers, and behaving in an all round less than classy

manner!  This year at Chicks On Ice 2001, Vinyl Val got into all sorts of trouble, having her

ego deflated, getting kidnapped by the Calgary Ladies team-where she donned a scarf and

plastic cowboy hat!  YEEHAW!  Over the last year, Val has lost a few items of

clothing--but she always manages to gain some to balance it! 

   And so--wherever the Lower Mainland Ladies' Ringette

Tournaments may be---------you will find Vinyl Val, a little worse for wear each year, but

always the most action packed GAL around!!