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What is Ladies’ Ringette?

         After one leaves all the politics, headaches and intensity of a sport at the door, we are left with the pure love of the game. 

Ladies from the age of 23yrs and up—and UP-play on Masters teams (otherwise known as Ladies teams).  There is a sense of teamwork and fun that exists –and a hope for most to just stay vertical on that ice a little longer!  For Moms who watch their kids play and think “ Hey- I could do that”—well they can- and they are!  For players who had played when they were younger-or all the way through—there is a division for them when they leave Debs or Intermediates--- it’s Masters!

To play opponents who are checking you fiercely, fighting for the ring intensely, and then after the game-sharing a pitcher of drinks and nachos with you with that same dedication —that is when it all comes together—a sport where everyone is playing for the love of it- and sharing the same passion…………That is what Ladies’ Ringette is all about.  

The Teams

Lower Mainland Ladies’ Teams:

Abbotsford Swizzle Chicks, Burnaby Dead Ringers, Fraser Valley Ladies of the Valley, Nanaimo Shooting Stars, NWVancouver Crease Lightning (Personal Team Site),NWVan2 Diamond Rings, Surrey (TBA), Port Coquitlam (TBA) & Richmond Ice Agers. 


*  Click here for BC Masters Teams Page


Favourite Links

*  BCRA New Web Site

*  3rd Annual Ladies Ringette Weekend Retreat Home Page

*  More Ringette Links

*  LMRL Homepage

*  NWVR Homepage

*  Misty Blues Ladies Homepage

* Penticton Ringette Homepage

* Huffin Puffin Ladies Team Site (Ontario)

* The Life and Times of Vinyl Val



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Contact Information

E-mail comments to:

Katy Mayrs : katy@Ringette.net

Upcoming Events

*  Ladies Tournament- Vernon -Feb 22-24 2002 lightoes@shaw.ca(Tournament Site)

*  Chicks on Ice (Abbotsford) - April 19-21 2002 linda.wallace@shaw.ca(Tournament Site)

*  3rd Annual Ladies’ Ringette Weekend Retreat- August 2002 Whistler? katy@Ringette.net (Go To Retreat website)



Lower Mainland Ladies’ Team Contacts

        *  Abbotsford           Linda Wallace          linda.wallace@shaw.ca       

      *  Burnaby                 Kathy Corrigan        Corrigan@telus.net

*  Fraser Valley         Tara Jackson   jackson206@home.com

      *  Nanaimo                 Jane Mowry            jane@Ringette.net

      *  North/West Vancouver- Katy Mayrs     katy@Ringette.net

      *  North/West Vancouver 2- Sue Cox     bennythebitter@hotmail.com

      *  Surrey                   Kathy Matusiak       jmatus@attcanada.ca

*  Richmond               Val Lofvendahl         birdlady@attcanada.net

*  Port Coquitlam        Kristi Jude   timandkristi@uniserve.com

Photo Gallery

*  Chicks On Ice (Crease Lightning Creases).

*  Burnaby Dead Ringers

*  Nanaimo Shooting Stars

*  North/West Vancouver Crease Lightning team.

*  Pool A from Millennium Tourney.

*  Pool B from Millennium Tourney.

*  1st Annual Ladies Ringette Weekend Retreat (Whistler).

*  2nd Annual Ladies Ringette Weekend Retreat (Penticton).

*  Quesnel Goalie Queen Signe!.

*  Click here for Chicks On Ice 2001 Pics


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