Here are a few experiments you can try at home!  The explanations for the results of each experiment is on the next page.`````

Lab #1 Experimenting with States of Matter
      Materials: cornstarch, water, cup, stir stick

Place 15 mL of cornstarch in a cup.  Add 30 mL of water and stir well.  Place some of the mixture on a table.  Touch it with your fingertips.  Is it a liquid or a solid?

Lab #2 Experimenting with Physical Changes
Materials:  salt, water, cup

Place 30 mL salt in a cup.  Add 30 mL of water.  Stir until all of the salt is dissolved.  Place the cup in a sunny window.  After a few days, check on the cup.   What was left in the cup? 


Lab #3 Experimenting with Chemical Changes
      Materials: 30 mL baking soda, 60 mL vinegar, 100 mL water, cup, popcorn kernels.

     Mix the vinegar and water together in the cup and add the baking soda.  Immediately add 5 popcorn kernels.  Observe what happens for the next five minutes. 

Lab #4 Experimenting with Chemical Changes 2
     Materials: steel wool, vinegar, cup

     Place the steel wool in the bottom of a cup.  Add 50 mL of vinegar.  Wait for 15 minutes.   What evidence is there that a chemical change has taken place?

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